10 Reasons Killzone 3 Will Blow You Away

GR - Killzone 3 is well equipped to be a revolutionary shooter with Hollywood Screenwriting, Brutal Melee and much more...

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awiseman2800d ago

They say KZ3 had hollywood scriptwriters working on the single player?

LOL, given the state of Hollywood they just Dissed KZ3... of course the "talent" is obvious as KZ3 carries along the long into the third installment another 8 hour long non-existent story corridor shooter...

Pixel_Enemy2799d ago

Someone sounds bitter since they are missing out on this game!

2 more days I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

TheLastGuardian2799d ago

My favorite part of the article.

"It's a PS3 exlusive. You know what that means. Killzone 3 is the PlayStation 3 in all its glory. With exclusivity comes quality control and a whole lot of polish. It's a step up from any multiplatform title.

Awesome, Gameranx is now on the list of cool gaming websites.

ComboBreaker2799d ago

However, Hollywood writers are still better than most game developers at writing stories.

I mean, just look at MW2. MW2 doesn't have Hollywood writers, that's why the story in MW2 doesn't even make any sense.

nix2799d ago

there's a MW2 story?

plb2799d ago

I agree. Hollywood writers today do suck but I really enjoyed both the SP and MP of KZ3 so I'll be picking it up tomorrow.

R2D22799d ago

The KZ series is amazing. I know sales dont make a game better but I reall think that this franchise deserves Halo or Gears numbers.

I think Sony should take a page from MS marketing book and put the ISA on the game instead of the Helghans.

If mom comes in to buy son a game and sees the two following maes:

Game called Killzone
Game Called Halo

Games with a person in full black with red eyes
Game with a Army marine future super hero

Which one do you think the mom will pick.

XxPURExX2799d ago

HALO is aimed at a younger audience KZ isn't imo

cobra42799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

am I the only person that actually liked killzone 2's story? I mean i didnt think it was outstanding but it wasnt THAT bad

Focker4202799d ago

Corridor shooter?

The levels are 3 times as big as KZ2's. With a ton of different ways to traverse them. This is FAR from a corridor shooter. It also just shows your ignorance.

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Legion2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Another website that likes to put ten different reasons across ten different pages to get hits on each click of the next button.

Those ten reasons could have been fit onto a single page. And a lot of those reasons include a slam on the game while giving you a supposed pro for the game. I.e. "Offline Co-op
While “Killzone 3” doesn’t support online co-op, it does come with split-screen co-op for offline play. You can play through the entire campaign with a friend." It tells you face front that you don't get online co-op which is becoming a standard staple in games. But hey... you at least can have your CLOSE friends play at your house with you on split screen reduced view.

I like the idea of split screen option but to add it as a reason KZ3 will BLOW you away, while identifying the lack of online co-op? Come on....

And then the last reason... "Solid Shooter
The game is a solid first person shooters. There’s few games on the market that come as close to offering perfect gameplay, but Killzone 3 is as close as it gets." Really...??!!! You call it near perfect but then label it as a solid FPS shooter? Those two descriptions are counter to each other. Calling a game a solid anything is like saying a girl has personality. Which is it..? Solid FPS or as close as you can get to perfect. Note that they never said why it was solid or near perfect even though they had a whole page to place their final reason of being blown away.

Poor blog/opinion piece... (definetly not an article)

Again.... much better reviews and articles on KZ3 out there. Just throwing every lame site onto N4G does not help any game. Try posting sites that give you some substance.


revoloutionary? lol what? its killzone 2 with lower health, different class abilities, snow and a BRUTAL MELEE! which gets old after youve seen all the pre-scripted animations but thumbs up for gore. now the only thing killzone needs is proper exploding headshots and dismemberment.

Hollywood doesnt make anything revoloutionary, just look at Dragon ball: Evoloution, if thats revoloutionary please post your address so an angry mob can find you and rape and pillage your household.

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Funky Town_TX2799d ago

I played the open beta, but I have avoided videos on the net *spoilers*.

Tuesday plans:

go to work
stop at bestbuy on the way home
play killzone 3

Tuesday will be sweet.

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