Xbox Against Wii And PS3--Who Has The Strongest Community?

From Business Week:

"Any corporate "suit" reading this blog should take note of the incredible passion felt by the communities of gamers surrounding the Xbox 360 or PS3. They are posting comments like crazy! This emotion, this attention to detail, this competitive in-your-face loyalty is exactly what so many companies need to create and can't achieve. Read the comments slowly and understand the gamers. This is the kind of community you want around your product."

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PimpHandHappy4039d ago

u would have to say XBL just because it has more ppl. If your saying who has the cooler ppl then its the PS3 hands down. We all know the 360 is Offially

And the Wii is filled with Ma n Paps with there little turd machine kids!

BIadestarX4039d ago

Xbox. Microsoft built xbox live and everything about xbox live to be community driven and it does not really have much to do with xbox live subscribers... even when you go to you can see the forums.. even sites like, achivements, etc. All games have an online compontent even if only achivements and scoreboards... and games like Forza, Halo, etc the games are tightly integrated with their websites...
maybe things will change for the playstation now that Sony is adopting online more and even with Home.... about nintendo... I don't know... online community does not mean multiplayer. There is more to it.

Omegasyde4039d ago

I think you misinterpreted the story the wrong way.

I think the author meant which system has the "most loyal"(fanboys).

Rooftrellen4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Nintendo has the most loyal, but least vocal fans. Sony and MS are abut equally as vocal (one says something, other group speaks against it), but the MS fans are probably more loyal, because of the nature of the "hardcore" fanbase.


usr, yes, easily. PS3 is second in online community, a distant second, but Home may help it catch up. Nintndo is easily the weakest in online community, but I would say it helps them in the public eye, though it hurts the gamers (I say this without even liking to play online most of the time).

joydestroy4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

i'm thinking the same thing.
but outside of loyalty, M$ has the strongest online community.

Snukadaman4039d ago

scroll down and check out nasim with his same horsesheit..

you would think someone would even soften his stance on being so ridiculous sometimes?

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