TLRHQ: 343 is hiring for their next big (Halo?) game!

TLRHQ: It sure seems that way as 343 Industries, the group taking over all things Halo, is looking to hire more staff and work on the next big game! This obviously comes as no surprise since Bungie has left the fate of Master Chief in the hands of Microsoft (who own the license) and in turn formed 343 which is comprised of Bungie Alumni.

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aviator1892799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

“Rabid Halo fan – be prepared to demonstrate that you’ve played all of the games and thought a lot about the franchise”

Sweet! Wouldn't have it any other way. I just hope 343 goes back to the roots of the halo franchise for their first halo project.

Jaces2799d ago

Hopefully the *yawn* factor won't be a problem.

Halo got boring after 3 and nothing has really changed since then, except for the online which I'm not really all that in to.

awiseman2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Go back and play COD and KZ then. Since it doesn't have a yawn factor for you.

FYI, Reach us unlike any of the other halo's it just shows your a fanboy and that you have not played halo.

@femshep: I know thats y i told him to go bak and play COD its a yawn game. But obviousely to him its GOTY material...

femshep2799d ago


but that is what call of duty is, just one big yawn of a joke

as for KZ ill give you that even tho it isn't my game it still has a lot of good qualities.

but they should focus more on the single player rather then the multi.....that is what is killing games these days

Jaces2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Wow, you fanboys seriously think that when someone posts a negative comment on a game that they've never played it.

For your information I bought the Legendary edition and beat Reach, so go troll somewhere else it's a shame you can't lose any more bubbles for such and idiotic comment but I'll do my best to burst it for you.

Reach is the same Halo like all others. What honestly set it apart from the others? The amazing graphics? The "intense" firefights and set pieces? New combat system maybe?

The "power ups" were a nice feature but nothing revolutionary and it certainly didn't bring the franchise back to life. Jet packs in multi were cool too but again, it felt like the same old Halo. But that's what hardcore fans love so I guess my opinion is irrelevant but it doesn't mean I should be shunned because I don't agree with the majority made up of 14 year olds and fanboys.

Nope, just the same old Halo with an engine torn apart and rebuilt from the ground up. CoD is a piece of trash and Killzone...well I plan on playing it come the 22nd.

@femshep: that's my point exactly, the campaign is just so boring now. I mean I love the story but I loath the campaign. I made a mistake in buying Reach so next Halo I'll be renting to see if they've improved any or just focused solely on multiplayer (again).

Tinasumsum2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

You're not disproving his point in your PS3 fanboy rant. Killzone 3 is an average generic FPS with a average score. Your comment sounds like a bunch of PS3 fanboy assumptions formed from reading about the game but not playing it like most other PS3 fanboy opinions about 360 games.

Everything is trash except PS3 exclusives even when reviewers and media say otherwise. Gotcha! This is all you had to say.

Kalipekona2798d ago

For fun gameplay and re-playability I would take Halo Reach over Killzone 2 any day. Judging by the demo (which is what demos are for) Killzone 3 seems like the same mediocre experience as the second one.

Jaces2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I wasn't the one who brought up KZ, that was you delusional fools that wanted to stray off topic.

And because I play and enjoy KZ3 but not enjoy Reach makes me a fanboy?

lmfao, you guys are hitting yourselves in the face and seem to be enjoying it.

Jeeze, you guys really are pathetic and can't get over a little criticism. Grow up. Here, let me put things to rest...

Mystogan2798d ago

I actually hope they DO take halo in a new direction

Halo: Reach is the perfect halo for fans.
Now try something else, maybe add little RPG to it like Mass Effect and Strategic Ghost Recon Style Team based missions.It doesn't need to change the whole genre it should stay a shooter but we need some fresh new things for Halo.

it shouldn't be that it feels like were playing the same game over and over again.

Im glad that O'connor said that there will be no halo in 2011 and that their taking it into a new direction,thats exactly what i want.

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EvanVolm2799d ago

They've BEEN hiring for quite a while now. At least a year.

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Grenadan2798d ago

GDC right round the corner

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