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"An element that most of the popular MMO’s are lacking is an active, player centric, combat system. Pressing attack, cycling though a few abilities, typically in a set “rotation” until the target is dead, is standard fare for a majority your favourite MMO’s. Games such as Age of Conan have made attempts to have the player more directly involved in the combat, with directional controls that lead the character to attack from a specific direction which you control based on being aware of the targets directional weaknesses. Yet even some of the newest MMO’s still take this mostly non-active approach to combat (Aion being an example). "

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madara0sama2850d ago

Best free to play mmo to date IMO.

QuakeStyle2850d ago

FAIL FAIL FAIL, this is a free game. 0$ you have nothing to lose. it should have atleast got an 8, 9 is what it deserves. FREE FREE

TheObserver2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

My gripe with this MMO is that the classes are gender locked. You can't be a male knight or mage, WTF. Now you got even MORE dudes running around in Female avatar acting like they are real girls asking for stuff.

Also, this is a considerable downgrade from Mabinogi. Vindictus original name is Mabinogi Heroes. From an open world MMO to a dungeon crawler. So much disappointment.

midgard2272849d ago

this game is free and is better than alot of mmos out in general. who cares if the classes are gender locked. the final roster has more males than women, why shud the devs have to redo animations for the characters when the game is free? lmao at people who complain about free stuff.

the graphics beat any mmo out today except tera's and the game also destroys all maybe equaled by tera's.

its not an mmo really, more like an online action rpg. sorta like a fast pasted monster hunter or phantasy star type game. tis game is amazing and me and my gf luv it :)