Halo 3 "record breaking" sales in UK

Released today in the UK, UK retail has reported that copies of Halo 3 are flying off the shelves. As numerous retailers took advantage of midnight or early morning launches of the game, some are suggesting that the game may even beat day one sales of the biggest CD and DVD releases. More after the jump.

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richie4135d ago

So much 4 halo 3 not selling in the uk.

MADGameR4134d ago

Infact its now what really matters to MS. What matters is HOW many of those copies were bought together with the 360 units.

HateFanboys4134d ago

Im sorry people but the game is pretty weak, im on the 3rd board (you know the board that starts at on fire after the explosion), and i already feel bored of it. This game is not nearly as good as people made it out to be. I think that best thing about the game so far is the graphics, and they aint that great. Halo 1 is definitely better than this. And where are these epic battles they spoke of? and where is this improved AI? its the same facking AI from Halo 1. You fanboys are facking pathetic.

And how many copies did it sell? that's what i want to know, not how much money it made

bluebrad19744134d ago

If your only on Floodgate your going to be pleasantly surprised at the coming levels. Also, turn the difficulty to heroic or legendary (there are more enemies on the higher diffculty levels).

gta_cb4134d ago

you really need to do the campaign on legendary! :D its soo hard you cant just run out and start shooting, you will just get sniped lol!
seriously though you should try it on legendary, even if you are nearly finished on normal, just do all the levels again on legendary :)

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Dudeson424135d ago

Where's everyone's favorite retarded nephew Nasim on this one? I could have sworn he said Halo 3 didnt sell ANY copies in UK....oh wait, thats because he was reporting it BEFORE it was released...

gta_cb4134d ago

i laughed when i read that, i do beleive this news, i went into one of my local retailers at lunch time and there was adults and children buying this lol i have my copy :D

cuco334134d ago

ever notice how he doesn't post in the pro-360 threads? like the one a few weeks back that stated the 360 actually is doing better than the ps3 in europe (reference vgchartz for europe)

that's right buddy, your beloved system is a good one, just not worth it yet to the masses around the world

nirwanda4135d ago

has a great deal £9.99 trade in or if you want to pay full price it was £34.99 if you preordered for £5 you also got a free rental

cdzie14135d ago

I have never seen anything like this for a game launch. The positive press Xbox is getting is worth millions in advertising dollars alone.

Vulcan Raven4135d ago

I live in a small city in canada, and they are forcing halo down our throats, but there are probably 40 copies sold and they have a whole section dedicated to it. I am very surprised at this as all my buddies in university have 360's.

kn4135d ago

Who is "they" and how are they "forcing it down your throat?" If you don't want it, don't buy it. Plain and simple. You are still a free, capitalist country, aren't you?

Bnet3434135d ago

is blu-ray. Enjoy the movies you fake ass gamers/roger ebert fanturds.

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The story is too old to be commented.