Why Bulletstorm Will Rock Your Face (GoozerNation)

On February 22nd, Bulletstorm is going to be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Being the brainchild of Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski, best known for his work on Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, you know that you're in for a real treat. The real question you need to ask yourself is, can you handle it?

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Pixel_Enemy2800d ago

Why Bulletstorm will not rock your face.. It the online coop has been cut from the game. No multiplayer action.. Killzone 3 releases on the same day..

Kon2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

This is the perfect example of why Multiplayer is ruining games. Now everyone is all over the MP, they forget that games have something called Single Player

Goeres2800d ago

And guess which games started it..

palaeomerus2800d ago

It has two multiplayer modes, a time attack mode, and a horde-like mode. It just doesn't have versus or coop in campaign. Like Killzone 3, Resistance 2, etc.

beavis4play2800d ago

question: will ANYONE with a ps3 be playing bulletstorm on the 22nd?

Focker4202800d ago

Maybe on the 22nd of June or July when it hits the bargain bin.. But the 22nd of Feb?? Absolutely not. 2 more days!!!

beavis4play2799d ago

me too, focker420! i loved the SP demo and public beta.
i liked the BS demo, but it doesn't compare to KZ3.

iistuii2800d ago

Realise K3 had online co op,, oh I forgot it doesn't, but that's ok for K3 but not Bulletstorm eh.

Pixel_Enemy2800d ago

KZ3 will have online co op! Not upon release but it will be patched.

Psychic_Waffle2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I didn't know that :O...

Is that confirmed?

multipayer2800d ago

Just like coop was supposed to be patched for Killzone 2?

Bulletstorm was supposed to be 4 player campaign coop anyway, not many games have that. Maybe it is a good thing though, I have Lost Planet 2 on PC and noone even plays the other multiplayer modes.

Kon2799d ago

@Pixel_Enemy So what stops you from thinking that they will patch Bulletstorm and add competitive MP too? Bubble down for your little fanboy mind

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Thoreau2800d ago

bulletstorm is trash, i played the demo and thought.....groups of people took the time to make this. they could have let this one be an 360 exclusive....the game is so corny, you cannot truly jump and when you kick an enemy the game goes all bootleg matrix style. ha ha ha, kz3 is gold platinum and tungstein compare to the "sh!tty" boot called bulletstorm,

LightofDarkness2800d ago

What a narrow world view you must have. A complete lack of imagination or sense of humour will do that to you, I suppose.

Thoreau2799d ago

i did not say that you could not like bulletstorm, by all means feel free to buy the game. i am just stating that the game feels like a gimped unrealtourney. i might have been too harsh on bulletstorm because i downloaded it will i was playing the kz3 beta.

Capdastaro2800d ago

The only thing Killzone has going for it is its graphics...

Killzone is just a generic but decent SP and generic but decent MP game which will follow the same fate as most games its online community dead within 5-6 months since they all climb back to COD.

2800d ago
HellzAssassin2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Damn, as much as I prefer Killzone 3 over Bulletstorm, that comment was pure ignorance at it's best. Gamers these days.... *shakes head*

Bulletstorm has a unique concept, no matter how you look at is. Sure, it lacks the "polish" that it's competitors may have, but you're forgetting one thing. It's unique, and fun! Unreal Tournament is one of my most beloved FPS franchises, and Bulletstorm honestly feels like UT with a unique twist. The crazy/unique weaponry, and the "crude" humor makes it interesting. Unfortunately, I'm choosing my KZ3 over Bulletstorm. Fortunately, I will most definitely pick up Bulletstorm once it hits the bargain bin.

Edit: @Capdastaro
Generic? Hah.... again, gamers these days... Can't appreciate what games like KZ3 can offer. It compiles many things from other games, incredible graphics, well done physics, an intelligent AI system for the enemies, cool story (althought not told well in the games), First person cover system (as well as sliding), Brutal Melee's. REALLY INCREDIBLE gun sounds, looks, and detail. The atmosphere is incredibly well done, the weight of the character, the true feeling of "immersion" and weight as you're running, just everything of Killzone 3 is incredible. I can go on and on.. Oh yeah, and multiplayer is phenomenal! Especially the support that GG gives to the game... Not many developers out there do that. But! To each his/her own opinion.

firefoxprime2800d ago

Haha. Your just butthurt there's "FINALLY" a FPS that embraces its history. The game looks friggin epic/awesome! Duty Calls??? Awesome. EA made the cake, and is eatin it too. Reminds me of another EA shooter on the ps2. Somethin by the name of...BLACK. hehe...

U mad?

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Chnswdchldrn2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

i can give you one reason why it wont rock my face

because it sucks

me: 1
bulletstorm: 0

no but seriously this game is awful. Yes I enjoy the crude humor (I am a teenager after all) and i must admit the concept is "fresh", but actually playing the game I found it to be this repetitive heap of crap. I only played the demo once before I couldn't stand it anymore. You'd think with all these super neat ways to kill people, that there'd be more replayability but that isn't the case on this game. Theres only so many times that kicking a dude into the air and or using the whip thing to bring abouncha dudes into the air and explode them all can be fun, and that is like once or twice.

Just as an example comparison, consider the single player experience in F.E.A.R. 1, with its slow mo deaths and cool ragdoll, I found it far more entertaining to kill enemies in that than in this game, which apparently is the main hook of this game; a very poorly executed main hook at that.

so to sum it up, killing enemies in this game just isn't satisfying, and in a game where that is pretty much the only reason to buy it, well you've got a shit game on your hands then

Redgehammer2800d ago

I will reserve any judgement I have on Bulletstorm until I actually get to play the single player campaign.

Raven_Nomad2800d ago

It's something refreshing and new. I have played through the demo around 30 times and loved every playthrough. Cannot wait for Monday night!
Not sure why people are bringing up Killzone in this thread, but I'll go on record as saying BulletStorm will sell better. Not just because it's multiplatform, but because it's something fresh and new and not a milked franchise.

Everyone complains that all we get now days is sequels, yet when a new and fresh take on the genre comes out people try to bash it for some reason.

iistuii2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

With your comments completely. New, fresh & fun, so they slag it off, sigh.....

Biggest2800d ago

That may be the WORST reasoning you could have come up with. First of all, stop with the marketing buzz words. Fresh and new has already been said by everyone that wants you to love this game. You were supposed to reguritate the statement and you've done your job. Stop it. Secondly, fresh and new is usually a death kiss for games. How many fresh and new experiences actually sell well? It isn't about the new experience. It's about the established names or attacking established names. Why did Cliff Blezinski mention Killzone 3 when talking about his companies game? Why did someone decide to call the original Killzone the "Halo Killer"? Why is everything new being compared to Uncharted? More often than not you need to use the name of a known quality product to make your new idea seem more important. The Bulletstorm commercial doesn't say "We're new!" It says "Those games that you love (Call of Duty, Killzone, whatever) are boring and lame. We're cooler than them."
You seem to think that because you feel Bulletstorm is new that it should be exempt from people having a negative opinion. There is plenty of reason to "bash" Bulletstorm. It's an ugly game, as are most Unreal engine games these days. I didn't say all. I said most. The combat may be fresh to you and many others. It doesn't stay fresh long enough. Even in the demo it got boring fast. It has no real multiplayer. I bet that if there was competitive multiplayer, it would be insane fun. One sure way to spice up the combat would be to have people trying to outdo skill point kills on each other. The story, as with most FPS games, will be retarded. Remember that Killzone 3 started a new trend of FPS games being marked down for a less than Oscar worthy story. It's hard to believe that Bulletstorm will even be in Killzone's neighborhood as far as story goes. The only things that Bulletstorm have to make it a worthwhile $60 purchase (a quirky 6 hour solo shooter should be sold for $15-$20) is the Gears beta and the $5 inclusion of the Gears multi-pack for 360 buyers. You may have enjoyed the demo enough to play it 30 times over. You're in the very small minority on that one.

beavis4play2800d ago

well -they both release on the 22nd. i asked what i thought was a legit question above - i was curious how many ps3 owners are going to get BS over KZ on tuesday. i'm a huge KZ fan and while i liked the BS demo - i'll be playing KZ3 on tuesday.

KZ a milked franchise? absolutely not. it took 5 years for #2 to come out and 2 years for #3.

and "eveyone" complains about sequels? that's not what i see - what i see are people getting excited for sequels if they're done right - MGS4, gears2/3, halo2/3, fable2/3, UC2/3, KZ2/3, CoD games, GTA games, batmanAA/AC.......and these are just examples. if "everyone" complained and didn't buy sequels -they wouldn't be getting made. and by the way - just because an idea is "new", doesn't mean it's good (lair and banjo kazooie?)

i would say KZ3 has a good chance at selling better since it's an established franchise - but BS being multiplat will help it. if we're just talking ps3 sales - i'd say KZ3 laps BS easily. but we'll just have to wait and see.

hey! i liked the BS demo - but i didn't love it. do you mind me asking what was it about the demo that had you replaying it so much? maybe i'm missing something.

Focker4202800d ago

Wow 30 times?!

I couldn't stand to play it more than twice.

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