Smoke You: BulletStorm Rape?

The show Smoke You brings us the BulletStorm rape story. The guys get you the real story and how it was blown out of proportion by the Escapist.

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Close_Second2824d ago

Wow, using the word "rape" in any context to sell or speak of a game is not good. Kind of disgusting when you consider the actual act the words describes.

ComboBreaker2824d ago

and their rape games. It just never ends huh?

MmaFan-Qc2824d ago

i stopped the video after 15-20 seconds, right after he say "its made by the peoples who made gears of war" ...thats wrong, then he say "the gameplay is like gears of war" thats also wrong....

im not wasting my time looking at two dudes talking through their hats

Lich1202824d ago

Yeah, it was made by people can fly...

AKissFromDaddy2824d ago

Besides the mistake about Epic studios making Bulletstorm, this video is awesome.

PS. They need a YT channel!