PGR4 earns perfect 10/10 score from OXM UK and scores higher then Halo 3

The newest edition of the British Official Xbox Magazine has just hit stores and already some review scores have made their way to the internet. Two big games from Microsoft for this holiday season have been reviewed, Halo 3, which came out yesterday and Project Gotham Racing 4 which will hit retail in about two weeks.

Though you would think Halo 3 would steal the show easily, PGR4 has earned a perfect 10/10 review from OXM UK. No specific ups and downs have been revealed yet but the game has managed to score a perfect 10/10 score. This compared to Halo 3, which has 'just' received a 9/10 score.

Although it is obvious that the hype and sales for Halo 3 will probably be way bigger then Project Gotham Racing 4, this is still a remarkable achievement.

Project Gotham Racing 4 (Xbox 360, Microsoft): 10
Halo 3 (Xbox 360, Microsoft): 9

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Tommie4039d ago

Who would have thought that! PGR4 is apparently a very good game.

RadientFlux4039d ago

PGR series has always been really good... still PGR4 score is still higher then I thought it would get

Crazyglues4039d ago

yeah that score is higher then I expected for PGR4 but now i'm really excited about the game, PGR3 was really good, and if 4 gets a 10 then that must mean they did do the game really well.

So I'm excited now. You know what's funny, I was watching this the other day and I was thinking about how much fun PGR4 is going to be. check this out. (you can fast forward to a little before the middle because that's when it gets good.)

MrFurious4039d ago

It is soooo ridiculous, how come that such game could get a 10 score with low level graphics details and unrealistic animation!? Should be probably fun, but technically speaking it is far from what people are seeing with GT5!! So will 20 for GT5?

leon764039d ago

3 statements:
- official xbox magazine;
- both games overrated A LOT;
- the game sucks A LOT!!!!!!

JasonXE4039d ago

link doesn't lead to pgr story but halo 3 story on graphics.

Actually link:

jromao4038d ago

I saw traillers and everything is far from what we should consider 10/10 game.

Also saw that PS3 GT5 Prologue running, for that mag score, this GT5 should be 20/10 then.

Evil0Angel4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

you did not learn your lesson yet with LAIR/FLOKORE/HS.

there is more than graphic that make good GT5 environment look like it is done is PS2.the in-car view look only as good as PGR4 and that was not even in-game, that was replay which always look better than in-game.
PGR4 look gooooood
PGR always play goooooooood
PGR awsome sound-track
PR4 **ADD NEW THINGS*** daynamic weather system+ CARS VS BIKES
what new things GT5 bring to the racing gener ??? mmm...nothing

GT5 chritmas 2088 while PGR4 oct 4th.
yeah keep lookin at GT5 videos and screenshot while i play PGR4 in few days..ops

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V2oom4039d ago

The Sony fanbabies will be running out of tears.

synetic4039d ago

to bad its from a xbox oficial magazine lol hahahahaha ... anyway gt5 already proved to be superior so who cares

gerrard4039d ago

This is OXM were talking about and gives 360 games high score like a bag sweets (same thing goes for OPS magazines) i'll wait to see what non bias critcs like EDGE say about it.

Nth RooCH4039d ago

Edge? Unbaised?! Ahahah!! Dude, Edge were one of the first magazines to truly favour one console over the other. I'm amazed you believe that.

dantesparda4039d ago

V2oom is just a MS fanbaby. PGR sucks ass, I have part 1 and 3 and they both suck. All they are is a bunch of stupid little mini games

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Bigmac5734039d ago

Becuase Garnet from 1UP said this game was sh1t.

BloodySinner4039d ago

Consider the source of your information: 1UP.

dantesparda4039d ago

Yeah, they are all 360 fanboys except for like one guy

Bigmac5734039d ago

Becuase Garnet from 1UP said this game was sh1t.

BIadestarX4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

First cry baby... Why is it so hard for you people to believe that the xbox 360 can actually have great games?

This edit is prove of how much I care about bubbles. since I can simply continue to edit my comments. It's not about credibility. it's simply because I am not afraid of losing my bubbles to Sony fanboys (such as yourself) for freely expressing my opinion. You see.. the bubbles system was designed to limit does that use racist, improper language or personal attacks. Do I do that? Nope. Sony fanboys (and there are many) use the bubble system to silent those that do not have the same console preference and give their honest opinion about a specific topic. Should I expect to be popular by not agreeing with Sony fanboys about what they think about halo, the xbox 360, blu-ray and other topics? no. This site is divided the following way:
40% Sony fans and fanboys.
30% Xbox 360 fans and fanboys.
10% Wii fans and fanboys.
20% Non-bias.

I already did my personal research. If you remember a while back when I was kind of neutral and said I was going to buy a PS3. I got lots of bubbles and praise by even Sony fanboys.
Trick for having bubbles - Keep comments neutral. Never comment negatively about any console of hardware maker even when they are wrong. Focus only on the good things about each console and ignore the bad things. If possible don't comment on negative articles. If you comment on a negative article (i.e. Lair review) people's opinion will be devided resulting on people using the bubble system as a way to say they don't agree with you.
I know the drill. Sadly for you... I honesly don't care about bubbles. and though I will not result to swearing and insulting you at the personal level, I will give my honesly opinion about Sony fanboys in general and the companies like Sony that in their mission to win all front are affecting the game-side.. in this case the PS3. And though Sony fanboys don't want to hear it.. ask me if I care. Truth is truth, no need to add limit my opinion over bubbles.

" their is no way that game is better than halo 3. " first thing... learn how to tell the difference between one genre and another.
Just because an arcade game, DS, or PSP game gets a 10/10.. it does not make it better or comparable to a 8/10 in another game.

An xbox live arcade can get 10/10 within its genre and cost $5. and another game may get a 7/10 and yet get more playtime from people.

Azures4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

its less about it being a good game and more that the score seems a little more than inflated. their is no way that game is better than halo 3.

edit: blade you've finally slipped under 5 bubbles, your credibility is really becoming sh!t.

bias has nothing to do with it. im biased as hell and retain 5, EVEN MART RETAINS 5!! its the sheer stupidity of your comments that gets them taken away.

BulletToothtony4039d ago

more sony fanboys when there is more 360 users, specially in the us..


no but seriously, it's really hard to get any good news cause you don't get to enjoy them.. it's like people can't accept there's good games in both plattforms, the only good news ps3 get to hear without many bashing it's mgs4, of course we can't scape the tipical can't wait for the 360 version comment

sonarus4039d ago

lol lets wait and see the other ratings. I personally never really enjoyed arcadey racers preferred PGR1 i believe that was the least arcade like of the lot. PGR1 was great for me was the greatest racer of all time. However arcade racers don't cut it for me anymore. Unless offcourse ur talking burnout.