Activision acquires Bizarre Creations - Two new AAA games coming

Activision, Inc. today announced that it has acquired U.K.-based video game developer Bizarre Creations. This acquisition represents the latest step in Activision's ongoing strategy to enter new genres.

Mike Griffith, President and CEO of Activision said, "Bizarre Creations will play an important role in our growth strategy as we develop an original new intellectual property for this important racing segment, expand our portfolio in other genres and utilize their proprietary technology for cross platform development."

Bizarre Creations' update on their official site says:
"Both of our two main game teams are about to start work on two new AAA titles for Activision. One will be a racing game, and the other a character game. Of course we'll make some more detailed announcements in the future, but be prepared for something big and exciting!"

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hazardman4042d ago

does this mean that PS3 will be getting PGR too? I sure hope MS owns the rights to that ip...

DrPirate4042d ago

Microsoft publishes the PGR series. There's enough racing games on the PS3 anyways.

I'm looking forward to The Club and I hope to see Geometry Wars on PSN, but even that market is saturated. EveryDay Shooter is looking to be the end all, be all of dual stick shooter games.

Crazyglues4042d ago

PGR4 is a joint venture between Bizarre Creations and Microsoft Game Studios. So there is no way it would come to PS3.

NeonSkull4042d ago

if microsoft only own the name then we could see PGR5 on ps3 but under a different name. Like what happened with sega owning the rights to the Metropolis Street Racer name but the sequel coming out on the xbox under the PGR name.

bootsielon4042d ago

GT and Forza are much better. PGR will become your next multi-platform non-issue game.

BIadestarX4042d ago

wow... activition? I didn't see this coming. anyways... they are both good companies that make great games... I don't see how this can be a bad things to gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.