Dragon Age 2 Talents & Spells revealed

It seems some of the spells & talents of the upcoming Bioware game Dragon Age 2 has been revealed on the Bioware community site. Although the promises of "cross class combos", fans have been saddened by the abscence of popular spells like "Blizzard", "Spell Might" and "Tempest", used in the first game to cause massive damage-spell "Storm of the Century".

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bluegreenman2823d ago

after watching the leaked demo of this, Im really excited :) looks to be epic

mn212823d ago

i'm also excited for this. the skill tree looks more organized. can't wait to try out the archer

Kal8532822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I totally agree! Can't wait to try it. I normally prefer being a mage but the warrior class shown in the demo was pretty badass. I love how you can slice a whole swath of enemies into bits in one swing with a two-handed sword. I know I'll end up playing as each different class during separate playthroughs. Very excited.