Jurassic Park The Game given release date

Jurassic Park The Game is to be released in April according to the new trailer.

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NukaCola2795d ago

i want to see gameplay other than the QTEs.

RedDead2795d ago

The QTE's are the gameplay aren't they?

NukaCola2795d ago

theres got to be more, like exploration or puzzle solving. its an adventure game for pete's sake.

Calm Down Sunshine2795d ago

Please. Please don't mess this up.

I'll find you if you do..

NJShadow2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Isn't the game gonna be like $39.99? There's typically a certain reasoning for prices like that nowadays. =/

TomInc2795d ago

I find I'm fine spending out like that on retail copies.. but downloads off the networks not so much. Bad times.

Bounkass2795d ago

I'm not buying it since it's not an open world game...