Sony To Consider Bigger PS3 HDD For Japanese Market

While Americans and Koreans sun themselves from the collective glare bouncing off their shiny, whopping 80GB PS3s, other parts of the world make do with 60GB models. Japan, surprisingly, is one of them, but Japan's Corporate News are reporting that might not be for much longer, Kaz Hirai saying that Sony are considering "boosting" the Japanese model's HDD capacity, and also that they'll take user requests into account when making the decision.

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BloodySinner4044d ago

Why bother? Especially if you can upgrade the HDD yourself.

nasim4044d ago

an 80gig HDD roughly costs the same as 160gig to produce.

plus 80 gig have become obsolete so why not attract more japanese consumers with a new HDD.

It will not matter for x360 only since it is a dead console in EU and JAPAN

Kleptic4044d ago

yeah seems pointless...

although my 60 gig is already near full...been waiting for a better price on a 200+ gig...that way it will probably never need replaced again...

bootsielon4044d ago

I wish there was a 2TB HDD, but it would still not last, especially when I start downloading everything in HD. However, Sony should focus on making PS3 CHEAPER, not more expensive.

risk4044d ago

hitachi has released the 1TB HD not long ago, you can pick it up but itll set you back $400

TruthBTold4044d ago

I think they should just sell HDD for people that want to upgrade their current PS3's. No more models, but you couldn't be anymore correct. A lot of people are still waiting to purchase their PS3. Those people are waiting for a price drop. I don't believe bringing a new model with a higher storage capacity would be a good idea now. Perhaps later down the road when there is a larger group of PS3 owners then they could possibly go for a much more expensive unit, but for now, stick to improving what you have available. Im sure user base will grow during this holiday season, so many great games coming. My pick three are R & C tools, HAZE, and Drakes. Wait forgot about PES, those are the must haves for now, more would mean speding more money. I might add one more but already speding what... $240.00 plus tax.

MrSwede4044d ago

Why not promote the fact that it´s upgradable instead? A big sign next to the pile of PS3s saying "Not enough space for you? Go XL" and have another pile of 250GB HDD next to that.

kn4044d ago

How about a smaller cost. The cost has been shown to be the barrier to expanding install base. Why does Sony keep dancing around the issue with more pack-ins, additional SKUs, etc. Just push the price lower...

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