ThumbPad - Killzone 3 Review

ThumbPad Writes : Guerrilla Games and Sony Entertainment are back with one of the years most anticipated titles for 2011 with Killzone 3. I can't help but think of the infamous video shown at E3 back in 2006 when Sony demonstrated "Gameplay" footage of Killzone 2; it looked brilliant and a lot of us thought that the next level in gaming was going to be insane! This was not the case as later on that year Sony made a statement to say that the gameplay footage was nothing more then just CGI and not actual in game graphics. Don't get me wrong Killzone 2 was a brilliant game but did it live up to what we were shown at E3 back in 2006? Simply put no! It was great but brilliant it was not. So the question remains will Killzone 3 fill that void in our hearts and come out to be one the best first person shooters available on the market?

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