Bitmob: Using Air-Cooling to Boost Ahead in Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Motorstorm: Apocalypse features death-defying racing through a city undergoing the throes of a full-fledged earthquake. The secret to escaping the madness? Your trustworthy boost. Check out how using the nifty air-cooling feature can give an edge on the track.

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ian722886d ago

Seen you in loads of Motorstorm articles. You do seem to love this game.
I also like these games and am looking forward to this new one. As you say "LUNATICS UNITE".

remanutd552886d ago

Motorstorm is my favorite new franchise this generation , love it !!!!
see you partying at the end of the world , if you want you can add me as psn friend

Hazmat132886d ago

can we have a list of the music they are using for MSA?? the music for MSPR was kickass!!

morkendo232886d ago

is this split/sec. clone??? instead of expolsion we got earth-quakes meh

Hazmat132886d ago

this was in production long before split/second. so GTFO

remanutd552886d ago

no sir this is Motorstorm , where a bike can take on a monster truck , an atv can take on a big rig , a buggy can take on a racing truck , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!