Listening to PokeFans: It's Super Effective!

funny comic from gamrFeed where the author show's the reason behind a lack of console MMO styled Pokemon games...

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DNAbro3892d ago

truthfully handheld ones will probably always sell more. I just want a full 3d game for the 3DS.

lizard812883892d ago

well, they are making a pokemon game for the 3DS....

The problem is, it is not portable, if it were on a console. most people play pokemon in school and stuff or on the go. if it were on a home console, how would that work? badly, i think.

princeofthabay3892d ago

i'd buy a wii if they release a good pokemon game on it

Redempteur3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

he just want to have control over it ( the franchise ) it's much easier to manage and control with closed trade environnements than in a MMo style ...besides few players actually ASK for an MMO ..

At least each pokemon saga wanted to tell something to the player ( this is obvious if you've played the games and even more apparent in Black /white).. i dunno how you'd offer the same experience to the player as a RPG

TruthbeTold3891d ago

lol That comic is is spot on.