Sound off: What can beat Black Ops' dominance?

The NPDs for January 2010 revealed a third-straight month of sales dominance for Call of Duty: Black Ops. With Activision still swimming in sales, we asked our community which game they thought could take the crown from COD.

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realiks3808d ago

This year....everything.

sleepy33808d ago

I'm pretty sure black ops will be the most played game across BOTH PLATFORMS for the rest of the year till thenew one drops. CoD cannot be beaten in numbers of gamers online. Not a chance.

As for sales....lets be real. No KZ, Halo, GTA, GT, MGS or any other PS#/360 game will ever ake those numbers. The only thing that can dethrone it is games that have already i.e. mario kart and wii fit, lol.

Istanbull3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Its not about the quantity, its about the quality, Blackops is the same ole sh!t

Perjoss3808d ago

over saturation will beat it.

EVILDEAD3603808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

The multi-developed super production valued crazily advertised 'Modern Warfare 3'...

The number one selling exclusive will be Gears of War 3..but the dark horse is the new Zelda

Uncharted 3 will take it for PS3..

It's highly unlikely that we will see Halo HD..but if we did then alost all bets are theory is Microsft will save that gem for 2012..but announce it at E3

The other darkhorse is what the ol' Infinity Ward folks are working on..that could be interesting

Black Ops is simply a beast..hated on the internet played daily by millions


Heavy_Rain3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Yup UC2 for PS3 will most likely take it and prob lag behind Gears Sales wise by a million or so. Halo will not outsell COD by an stretch of the imagination and @BlackArrow below er BF3 no way will it take the crown of most sold. A lot of ppl seem to forget BFBC2 sold less then KZ2 on the ps3 and just more than KZ2 sales equivalent on the x360 and I mean just. So no way. I cant believe ppl think BF has been a serious competitor till now in terms of sales.Better quality I def think its better then COD but its equal to KZ in terms of sales. Anyways who cares about BO dominance its KZ,CF,Rage and Crysis for me this year!!

Cogan13808d ago

Pretty much every shooter out there can!

Black_Arrow3808d ago

I believe Battlefield 3 can take it's crown.

Simple fact that I already like Bad Company 2, and the numbers of players online for it. Plus the amount of people that liked Battlefield 2 on PC.. the popularity for BF3 could be huge.

OwNizzleD3807d ago

I hope you're right. It's looking amazing so far.

iistuii3808d ago

We go again in N4G land nobody plays COD do they LOL, COD will continue to be played year after year until someone brings out a Multiplayer game that beats it's fun and easy pick up and play gameplay. I have both consoles and on both of them all my friends lists are full of people playing it, I myself prefer BBC2 and am hoping that B3 will be able to dethrone COD, but somehow I doubt it. I just accept that COD is a great way to pass a few hours, shame you lot can't see it.

rugis3808d ago

Nobody is denying the fact that it is a DECENT way, at best, to pass a couple hours. What annoys people is that it is the same game every year, on the same game engine, only adding new guns, new maps, and a couple new game modes, including one that was stolen from Counter-Strike Source (Gun Game).

iistuii3808d ago

Like Madden, FIFA & all the other EA sports titles that really only update rosters and touch up little things and charge full price when they could release an update patch. They're all the same, not just COD games,it's our fault for buying them every year.

rugis3808d ago

At least they use a new engine. And what new elements are you going to add to a football game? Or a soccer game? Allow the players to use guns? Zombies? The difference is the type of game. Football and soccer have rules, and they try to implement said rules into the game itself, so that those who enjoy the sport, can play it as if they might actually be playing the sport IRL.

A shooter that doesn't evolve, despite the fact that it isn't restricted, is completely different. They SHOULD use a new engine, they don't. They SHOULD add new gameplay elements, THEY DON'T. It's the fact that Treyarch wasn't restricted to what they could do with Black Ops, and Infinity Ward wasn't restricted to what they could do with MW2, and yet they still kept it the same.

And an update patch? For an entirely new engine? That wouldn't work.

iistuii3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

FIFA hasn't had a new engine from last year, its the same, so is NHl, they have the same engine, just slight gaming changes, like maybe a new trick or two. Ive got the games and I bet you if you put on say NHL 10 & NHL 11 on different televisions and I asked you to tell me which is which, you wouldn't be able to, yet that's an extra £40 each year.Same as COD, they have little changes like different perks, again I'm not defending any of them, but they ALL are at it and we buy them and so they'll keep doing it.

DelbertGrady3808d ago

They are talking about sales.

I think the best selling FPS this year apart from COD will be Battlefield 3. Not sure if it'll reach COD numbers but I know for damn sure it will be in my 360 day 1 :)

Heavy_Rain3808d ago

BattleField sold less then KZ on the ps3 and slightly more then KZ sales numbers on the 360 so how will it in any way do COD no?. I will be happy if both KZ and BF did though. Way better then COD BO IMO. Also hope Halo kicks BO in the ass if it is released this year

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