NBA All-Star 2011: Kobe Bryant Hooked on Call of Duty

LOS ANGELES, California -- Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, a three-time All-Star MVP, was this year’s leading vote-getter for the 2011 NBA All-Star Game. The reigning world champion and NBA Finals MVP earned 2,380,016 of the fan votes. He is joined in the Western Conference starting five by New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul (1,281,591), the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant (1,736,728), making his first All-Star Game start, and the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony (1,299,849). Bryant ventured to Sony’s PlayStation Players Lounge next to Staples Center to check out the newest PlayStation 3 video games. In addition to starring in the Black Ops commercial for Activision, he also plays the game. He talks about his love of Call of Duty in this exclusive video interview.

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awiseman3535d ago

Funny as im playing MW2 as I read this...

TurismoGTR3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

How is Kobe Bryant "Hooked" on call of duty? no offensive.. but Kobe isn't a gamer, dude is to busy with basketball and life.

I'm so sick and tired of people mentioning "COD" like if you play COD your considered "cool". I can not wait till the series gets milked so hard.. it's going downhill.

SixZeroFour3535d ago

i think hes "hooked" in the sense that its the only game he will play (when he plays videogames)...but i agree, kobe, along with a lot of other athletes are much more focused on their sport and perfecting their craft rather than be a gamer

mikeslemonade3535d ago

He claims to sleep 4 hours a day. He seems like the type of person that would go 100% or not do it at all. So he's gonna play games but since he's not trying to be the best he's only gonna play a little bit. Lebron is better than Kobe though!

Fred-G-Sanford3534d ago

"but Kobe isn't a gamer, dude is too busy with basketball and rape."


NLGSean3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

How could a legend like Fred G. Sandord only have 2 bubbles... Proof that this bubble thing just does not work here on n4g!!! ;)

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KiLLUMiNATi_893535d ago

Kobe Bryant 1st or 2nd greatest player ever, it's either him or lebron can't go wrong with either picks.

Wenis3535d ago

At least hes not as egotistical as Lebron. I can't stand the self proclaimed king or chosen one or whatever the hell he has tattooed on his back.

klashawnd3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Michael Jordan. Case closed.

@Wenis - He's just as if not more egotistical than LeBron. And that's a fact.

manaxknight13534d ago

at least in this generation, he is the best...

NLGSean3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I don't think he is a core gamer, but he seems to dig COD... Didn't he buy that Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep some time ago?

Must be nice to have millions...

SwampCroc3535d ago

he should maybe stop playing COD and maybe start playing some Basketball... doesn't look like the Lakers year this year...

saladthieves3535d ago

This is, I have no words.

bwazy3535d ago

News Companies actually paid this guy to ask Kobe that question?

The fuck?!

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