Top 5 over-hyped games

MSNBC give their top 5 over-hyped games:

"Hey, did you hear there's a new "Halo" game coming out? Me neither.

Yeah, right! We've been inundated with so many plugs for Microsoft's "Halo 3" that we're starting to wonder if there's anyone left in the free world who hasn't heard about it.

All this hoopla got us thinking about other games that got a lot of hype – deserving or otherwise..."

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nix4041d ago

1. Halo 3
2. Madden Series
3. Daikatana
4. Enter the Matrix
5. Pac-Man

Nth RooCH4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

In what world do you live dude? Lists don't go back to front? The list is,
1. Pac man
2. Enter the matrix
3. Daikatana
4. Madden
5. Halo 3

nix4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

whoa dude, chill!

i simply listed them... didn't know they were in chronological order.

ps3tag4041d ago

your both wrong .. its:

1. Halo 3
2. Halo 3
3. Halo 3
3. Halo 3
3. Halo 3

Pac-Mania was loud but nothing like this.

Violater4041d ago

Those other games weren't overrated.

jmoneezie4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

1. Halo 3
2. Lair
3. Warhawk
4. Two Worlds
5. Latest Zelda

Overhyped does not mean that that game as not good or that the game lived up to the hype. It's just means that I was hyped way more that it needed to be.

One thing that most people forget is that hype is for form of marketing. Think about all the Hype Sony put out there for the PS3. All games will be 1080p, rumble was a last gen feature, etc. I'm just saying. Every other game for the PS3 are NOT 1080p, and non of the launch titles were. I'm not saying the PS3 is not a great console, because it I did, I'd be lying. It's is a great console, but Sony did overhype it bigtime.

JsonHenry4041d ago

1. Diakantana
2. Halo 2
3. Halo 3
4. World of Warcraft
5. Doom 3

jiggyjay4040d ago

Definitely like your top 3 list of the most overhyped game.. Halo 3 might be the most overated game but its at least getting way better reviews than HS or Lair.. Speaking of which Edge just gave liar a 3/10!! What a joke Lair has become!! You know whats even worse is the fact Halo 3 only took one 9 GB DVD while Lair and HS supposedly almost filled up a 25 GB Blu Ray disc!! WTH is wrong with SONY?? that goes to show you bigger does not always mean better!!

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steviebomb4041d ago

is kindof a waste. But on a related note, lately I have already been getting sick of games before they come out. For example, there's only so much a person can hear about Little Big Planet or Halo 3 before they get tired of it all. Yeah, I'll buy both, but still... It's like seeing a million previews for a movie before watching it, then when you finally do see the movie you realize that you've seen everything in the previews. Just my two cents.

ps3tag4040d ago

mandatory .. "this post is a waste" post .. is that redundant? are not the reasons for you saying that validating the existence of the post? what higher purpose do you want user contributed content to have if not be a reflection of the current social collective conscious. To save my breath from here on out .. just because you don't like a post does not make it irrelevant to you, blogtrotters.

RadientFlux4041d ago

I would remove Daikatana from the list and replace it with Final Fantasy.

Every Final Fantasy game is over-hyped espically in Japan. Remember over-hype doesn't mean that the game is bad just the amount of marketing and buzz around each game.

Thugbot1874041d ago

Remember the CGI played off as real game play in PS2 for the emotion engine.

MADGameR4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Final Fantasy VII,VIII,X, Chrono Trigger, Thousand Arms, etc are the greatest RPG series ever. But maybe I am wrong about the Halo series. I put some thought on it. It seems like Halo 3 is the ONLY game thats big for us Americans. This is what we live by since the Japanese have too many good games. Halo series was the only successful American game. When it comes to video games, the Japanese are the best.

Nth RooCH4041d ago

I wonder if the Sony loyal will be so quick to complain about MS news sources considering this one is ripping on it's biggest product? Probably.

Regardless, I think Matrix, Daikatana and Pacman are all fair points. All were hugely hyped, but wound up being mediocre. However Madden is arguably the best Amfootball game going. And Halo 3 is obviously a great game. There's a difference between hype and overhype, and this list has missed it.

Kleptic4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

they hardly rip on the game...they basically say "its so big it doesn't need advertising" based on how well the previous games sold...if anything there is a hint of arrogance in the write up...

If it would say halo 3 looks like Halo 2 in HD, like some more biased websites, then it would be something worth noting...

in either case...just beat halo 3 at a friend's...nice trilogy indeed...still don't care for the single player gameplay though, the online is what shines...I think game looks rather good...the forest levels being excellent...and the explosions are some of the best I have ever seen...Its realy suprising that the framerate gets kicked as much as it does...the decision to go with 720p over 1080p probably would have helped that, and allowed more polygons for the character models...but those are the only two complaints I have...overall its very polished...

I do sort of agree with the article though...its very unlikely that their PR machine will make it pay off in the end...the game would have sold well regardless...the marketing hype probably did little to bring in new people to the trilogy...after Halo 2 going toe to toe with GTA: SA for a while, pretty much everyone heard of the game...all the money they put into advertising will probably be marginally more than how many more people buy the game...meaning...they could have scaled down the ads to a few tv spots and mag prints...and still sold nearly as many copies of Halo 3...with way less money wasted in ads...

SL1M DADDY4041d ago

More than likely somebody at the news desk missed out on a yearly review and pay raise due to the Halo-Hype budgets… lol

lonestarmt4041d ago

or he isn't a sheep and robot and didn't let a reviewer tell him what to think, and this is what he really thinks.