GameSpot gives 3/10 to 360's Kengo Legend of the 9

It overstates the case a fair bit to call Kengo: Legend of the 9 a game. While this latest addition to the minigenre of Japanese swordfighting comes in a retail box and is priced right up there with other new releases for the Xbox 360, it feels more like a proof-of-concept demo than something that developer Genki actually expects people to buy. Mindless button mashing and missions that consist entirely of slaughtering mobs of mouth-breathing bad guys make you wonder if somebody shipped the wrong build to the mastering lab.

A good sword-combat game is long overdue on the Xbox 360, but don't let your desperation cloud your judgment when it comes to Kengo: Legend of the 9. While it's usually fun to run around playing samurai, there isn't nearly enough quality slicing and dicing here to even warrant a rental. Wait until the next time, when maybe that unknown future developer will actually finish its chop-'em-up game before trying to sell it.


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