Skate: Pro-G Review Scores 'Exceptional' 9/10

Pro-G can say with confidence that this game's faithfulness, understanding and respect to a sport so misrepresented by advertising and fashion is stunning. If you do skate you will likely be hugely impressed by this set-up, and if you don't, you'll have to believe that it makes for a brilliant interpretation of the sport firmly anchored in the real life movements.

Do not let the word simulation deter you though, as Skate is without doubt an action-sports title; it is just one resplendent in subtly and depth. You eventually realise that you can even delicately alter the position of your foot even after you have pulled back the stick ready to pop for a trick, by gently rolling your thumb, allowing for a huge trick library.

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PS3n3604043d ago

hard to believe this is EA but it really is groundbreaking for the genre. For an old ass skater like me its great to do tricks I could actually do, not 500 foot 720 to smith grind on a telephone wire crap. I love just finding a spot and doing lip tricks slides and generally just sessioning a spot like in real life. If you have ever skated you have to pick this game up, 9/10 is a much deserved score. My only hope is that they put the same magic into a snowboard and surfing game.