Forrester: Format War is Blu-ray's to Lose

In its third annual report on the state of the next-gen format war, Forrester Research reiterated its long-held belief that Blu-ray will ultimately prevail over HD DVD, though more guardedly than in years past.

The market research firm has issued two previous reports on the high-format war, both predicting that Blu-ray would emerge victorious in its fight with HD DVD for next-gen supremacy.

This year, on the heels of Paramount's announcement that it would support HD DVD exclusively, Forrester now says that although Blu-ray remains in a better position than its rival, the format's backers will need to change strategy or risk losing their edge.

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cdzie14040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Things have shifted. Analysts that once predicted Blu-ray to win are suddenly not so sure.

"if Blu-ray fails to offer a viable hardware model at the $250 price point by Christmas 2007 and doesn't employ more aggressive promotional tactics to counter HD DVD's recent momentum, it could open itself to a possible upset defeat at the hands of HD DVD"

Young Capwn4040d ago

True, i love Sony, but they are stubborn when it comes to low-priced hardware, if they would release a cheap Blu-ray they would win, if they would have released a cheaper PS3 months ago, they wouldnt be so far behind with the PS3.

They need to go the M$ way and start throwing cash at everyone both movie companies and Game devs alike.

Sashy4040d ago

Blu-ray is going to win, no doubt.

pwnsause4040d ago

THis is true, the BDA must step up to their game if they want to win, you do realize that everytime BD players get a price cut, people buy it more than HD-DVD until,
splat sales fall again, in other words, they can win this if they drop it to an affordable price point were people would just buy it over HD-DVD. THe reason why Blu-Ray is at the point that its selling more discs than HD-DVD is because of the PS3, and "they" try to downplay it stating that the PS3 doesnt count as a BD player.

Capt CHAOS4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

<Leans to one side and lets off some gas..> ..Just like this HD-DVD vs BluRay snooze war.

cuco334040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

With the amount of HDM news on here I figured this would be posted by now.

Is it apparent now to the PS3 fanboys that the 'war' isn't over? That HD DVD isn't dead? and that BD is really in shambles now with ALL that they have done wrong (or haven't done right yet, however you look at it).

EDIT: to below, get over myself? Those blu goggles must really work! I take it you are the many PS3 owners who instantly think you know all there is to know about home theater and high def movie formats. POS HD DVD player? I think not! Aside from the PS3, ALL BD players are POS. Why? Simple, they cost more and are inferior the second BD's 1.1 profile comes out.
It's simple, own a PS3 and an HD DVD player and you're set. Own only 1 side and you lose, own any BD player aside from the PS3 and you lose.
Go do some unbiased research, it'll open your eyes up a bit about the current state of HDM but here's some facts just to get you started:
BD = 1.5:1 software sales lead with 7 times the players and the massive support by all the studios. Walmart isn't carrying current HD DVD players now because new generation 3 models are due out soon and they don't care for the cheap Venturer model cuz it's not 'cheap enough' for them.
BD = unfinished spec, higher costs to all, production issues with BD50 disks, current players (and newly released Q4) will be obsolete soon as BD1.1 and BD2.0 profiles are out, crappier interactivity (HDi>BD-J) unhappy studios, the list goes on...
BD = needs the projected 18 months just to match HD DVD's current 'ready NOW!' state
I ask, how's them FOX BD exclusive titles coming out? Last one released was what, in March? Nice support you got there and yeah, HD DVD really is a 'piece of hot garbage' now isn't it? Embrace both or embrace neither. But it's clear BD's current state is UMD part 2 and is reason why I haven't embraced BD yet and another reason why I haven't picked up a PS3.

DeadIIIRed4040d ago

Get over yourself you have two exclusive studios and Walmart won't even carry your players. You lost so deal with it and do everyone a favor and sell that piece of sh*t HD-DVD player and buy yourself a nice Blu-Ray Player this Christmas.

jaja14344040d ago

Get over himself? Fact is as far as studies go, they both have about the same amount and on top of that he clearly does not favor one over the other.

All he was that that, currently BR players are not worth it because they will obsolete soon. Which is true, and that if you want a BR player then buy the PS3.

So either you can't read or for whatever reason favor name brand of quality.

SL1M DADDY4040d ago

Forrester Research = Crap Factory

I wish they could make a prediction and then stick with it. Otherwise, we might think them to be no better than the meteorologist that looks outside to forecast the weather...

BIadestarX4040d ago

LOL... "prediction and then stick with it" what do you think they are Sony fanboys? These companies make prediction based on what's going on in the market now based on pure love to Sony or other companies.
They have to be able to change their forecast base on changing variables. Isn't that common sense? and yes it works just like the weather; you never know. That's what predictions are all about.

unlike sony fanboys believe the market change and predictions are made base on reality not dreams... heck even Sony and the blu-ray camp understands that blu-ray winning is not written on stones which is why they are doing so many promotions and giving blu-ray movies for each player sold... yet sony fanboys believe that blu-ray winning is innebitable. Blu-ray is currently leading... but as shown by Paramount picture deal... one single change in the market and the format war gets extended by years.. when most of the sony fanboys predicted the format war would last months. What if blu-ray camp sit on their hands and/or HD DVD camp continues to be agressive by getting more exclusive support?

"I wish they could make a prediction and then stick with it" LOL... kid.. we are talking about investors' money.. that's not a game.

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