The Power of 3

Everybody loves movie trilogies.

Nowadays games are no different. 2011 see the third iteration of some of the biggest gaming franchises in recent years...

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FactofMatter3715d ago

This is primarily for two reasons. Firstly because it is only so long before a game franchise becomes repetitive and unorginal. Also most game devolpers only have enough time to make 3 games a generation therefore they amke a new franchise very generation just like naughty dog.

Tachyon_Nova3714d ago

What about Dirt 3 and Operation Flashpoint 3? Motorstorm 3, assassins 3, potentially Far Cry 3,

ManxGamers3714d ago


Good shout; there's a lot of 3's out this year. I just focused on titles with a continuing narrative thread, i.e. identifiable characters we've followed through earlier campaigns.

SteelyPhil3713d ago

and on the pc side theres battlefield 3, diablo 3 ,and (to an extent) star wars: the old republic