Halo 3: Joystiq Nega-review

Welcome to the first ever Joystiq nega-review. Much like their meta-reviews, the nega-reviews collect together opinions on a hot game from across the game review community. Unlike meta-reviews, though, the nega-review focuses only on negative quotes from extremely positive reviews; massaging them together into an entirely unforgiving whole.

The numbers in parentheses after each quote refer to the reviews linked at source, all of which scored the game at least nine out of ten, and many of which gave the game a perfect score. In some quotes, positive qualifiers have been taken out and replaced with ellipsis, but the context of the comments was not changed significantly - every quote here was intended as a negative in the original review.

Why do this? Partly to erect an artificial island in Halo 3's wide sea of praise. Partly as a warning against taking out-of-context quotes as representative of a much different whole. But mainly as a reminder that no game is perfect, and even the best, most hyped games have a few flaws.

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RadientFlux4040d ago

interesting idea a Nega-review... it was a good read and hopefully Joystiq continues with the other big games this holiday season (ie Mass Effect, Ratchet & Clank and Mario Galaxy)

JosefTor4040d ago

WOW... (don't worry... won't give away anything here) after finishing Halo 3 all I can say is that I am utterly impressed. Never before have I been so impressed with a game other then it being a little short. Their are great level designs, awesome vehicles, great graphics and more. I was so impressed on the tree level. The trees looked amazing and if you rammed stuff into them, the way they would sway is something that I always wished other games would do. Unlike the other two Halo games, this is the first that there was not a single level I felt like I didn't want to play again. I want to play them all. I love the variation of what people say to you too (both enemies and marines). Quite hilarious at times. Wish I could say more about the story and stuff but I don't want to ruin it for anyone.