Kojima Productions Report 59 - Info on MGS4 Demo and Rumble

The new Kojima Report is up:

On Rumble,

Ryan was asked if it's safe to say that the rumble in DualShock3 is better than the rumble in DualShock2 and he said "Absolutely". Also they only got the drivers to add rumble into the game a week before TGS.

On the demo,

"All I can say is that as of tomorrow we're going to start working on the English demo."

Next Thursday the trailers for MGS4 and MGO should be on PSN.

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HeartlesskizZ4042d ago

great so a demo will hit soon on the PSN

Violater4042d ago

It might be bundled with another game, or available through pre ordering MGS4 who knows.
All I know is whichever way they decide to distribute it I will be getting it.

Ohh and the non-official - "Confirmation" that the rumble is indeed more than DS2 is good.
Its all in the implementation, hopefully we get it here in NA before spring 08

nasim4042d ago

Hopefully the demo itself wins the console war for SONY

Unlike Halo 3 which will only sell in NA.....MGS4 would be a million seller in NA,EU and JAPAN

console war is totally finished with MGS 4

Alvadr4042d ago

Whaaaat?? Wish they would make up their mind.

Il believe it when I see if for download

HeartlesskizZ4042d ago

They never said they wouldnt release a demo, they first said is not on progress but now they say this. greatttttttttt.

bourner4042d ago

how long does it take to put togeather a demo ?

anh_duong4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

if you include coffee and toilet breaks and exclude bank holidays then it will take 37 days, 16 hours and 45 minutes, give or take 10 minutes

riksweeney4042d ago


You forgot to carry the 1

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The story is too old to be commented.