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Strap on your cat helmets, load your poorly targeted weapons and strap in, we’re about to confront the Helgast again in Killzone 3. Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh too early, but let’s just say that I have not had a great track record with the past Killzone games. I’ve found them poorly balanced, boring and a bit generic. But that was the past and everyone deserves a third chance to make up for lost time with a killer sequel.

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KRATOS-PS33715d ago

Sony should have a included a little time machine in their PS3-Systems to travel in time when such games like Killzone 3 are going to be released :D

ForceCSW3715d ago

This guy already hates Killzone apparently, love gaming journalists nowadays.

WiIIiam3715d ago

While most sites have already published reviews, this guy delivers a preview that reveals nothing anybody who doesn't live under a rock has known for months. There is an open beta and a single player demo too, for crying out loud! How does stuff like that even get approved for this site? This guy doesn't offer a preview so much as piss and moan about how much he doesn't like the other Killzones...