Epic Confirms No Unreal Tournament 3 PC-to-PS3 Online; Other UT3 Details Shared

Much ado has been made about the potential presence of cross-platform play in Epic Games' upcoming multiplayer-heavy shooter Unreal Tournament 3 (PC, PS3, X360). The most likely compatible platforms have been PC and PlayStation 3, as the Xbox 360 version has taken a development backseat and the PS3's approach to network architecture is more conducive to the kind of freedom Epic would want for such a service. PS3, unlike Xbox 360, also supports mouse and keyboard controls, which would allow for a more potentially level playing field between users of the two platforms.

Still, in an IRC chat conducted yesterday featuring numerous members of Epic's UT3 team, Epic VP Mark Rein finally confirmed that the game will not feature cross-platform multiplayer -- at least at launch.

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MrSwede4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Huh? Didn´t see that one coming since Epic´s been bragging for months about it.

Edit: I could´ve sworn I saw an interview with Jeff Morris confirming it but I can´t find it. Anyways here are some links:

Here´s Mark Rein about mods

But now that you mention it I wouldn´t call it bragging:) I just think I´ve been too excited about it and going on the hype train..

Arkham4040d ago

No, they weren't bragging about it. They've always been careful to note that it was a possibility, but not a confirmed feature.

Real Gambler4040d ago

I never, ever saw even one comment from Mark Rein saying anything about this. On the other side, I've seen tons of rumors, and seen hundreds of people asking if PC to PS3 online gaming would be possible, but never ever any bragging from the main guys that it would be possible.

Sure enough, they said since the beginning that you could use maps and mods from the pc, and it seem to be mostly true (some, sadly, may not work on the PS3), so they have been true to their words so far.

Personally, the best thing about consoles online is that it's fair for everybody. All your opponent have the same hardware. You're not playing against somebody who has a $600 graphic card on a $2500 pc tweaked specifically to play unreal. So if they ever add the option to play against PC (which would still be nice), I would still hope they would had the option to host PS3 games only...

vidoardes4040d ago

I'm actually glad of this, having spent god knows how long playing CS:Source to get good enough to actually stay alive for more than 5 seconds, I think playign against PC players would put console gamers off online gaming. It would be total fragfest!

toolhead4life4040d ago

Yup, it's not such a bad thing for the console gamers. Most would be like lambs led to the slaughter! I'm happy to be able to re-learn UT on the console with everyone else.
We'll still have mods too, so all in all, this may be my personal most-anticipated game of 2007.

MrSwede4040d ago

I was planning on getting a keyboard and mouse for this game to even things up a bit.

hfaze4040d ago

I really hope they allow this eventually... That would make for a huge online community for PS3 UT3 players...

I sooooooo can't wait for this game to come out...

Kleptic4040d ago

totally agree...Warhawk and UT3 were/are my most anticipated games for this year...

the speed and pace of this game though will almost require a keyboard and mouse even on the PS3...analog sticks just won't cut was rumored that there would be restricitions on some servers (so that keyboard/mouse couldn't be used)...which I guess would be more fair to controller users...its my opinion though that everyone should try and use a keyboard and mouse in a game like this...

there are guys who whine about "there is more to a game like this than aiming ability"...pointing to teamwork and things like that...and claim they will be just as good as old pc gamers with a controller...which are simply wrong...a good keyboard/mouse user will be able to hold a bead on a dudes face from pretty much anywhere on the map...there will be plenty of diehard players with 20+ KDRs in UT3...most console gamers have never seen anything comparable to a good player in a game this fast...

MikeGdaGod4040d ago

i never used a keyboard/mouse to play a game so i know i'd get my @ss kicked

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Vojkan4040d ago

Want to take my bubbles for no reason? Then fvck you! GAYLO 3!!!GAYLO GAYLO GAYLO GAYLO GAYLO!

Arkham4040d ago

"lay off the sugar!"

...and lay on the Draino!

Captain Tuttle4040d ago

Someone missed their nap today.

Sez 4040d ago

i'm getting the pc version. can't wait

bourner4040d ago

keyboard and mouse vs controler . now thats just stupid

colony4040d ago

i dont think you get it.
ps3 HAS support for Keyboard and mouse.
and this is probably optional when you search for servers, and get to pick up controller only or Keyboard & mouse only servers.

epic always makes great games, and they wont ignore stuff like that.

nanometric4040d ago

Good idea, but what will prevent those with key&mouse to play in controller only servers and vice versa?

kreetah4040d ago

Yes, I have a usb keyboard and mouse for the PS3 when I use Fedora Linux and use a bluetooh keyboard and mouse for browsing on the PS3 side. The MS bluetooh keyboard/mouse was like $20.00 + shipping on ebay.

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