Coolio! Geohot PS3 hack rap smashes 1million Youtube

Well if this hacking thing doesn't work out, Geohot also has another possible avenue for a career - rapstar! His recent PS3 hack rap has smashed 1 million views on YouTube already.

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acky13327d ago

Gee he's so hot.

Happy Sony fanboy day!
Sony 'til I die

piroh3327d ago

it's hard to rap when you live sticked on a chair in your room with your PC living in a cave

RAZORLAND3325d ago

One Million in VIEWS, but not one million in sales...

FanboyPunisher3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Million youtube views makes you ALOT of money son.

Hes laughing.

zag3325d ago

I find it odd or funny that he hacks the PS3 for piracy.

Then other people expect, people to buy a rap song or even an album from him.

Why? he's only for piracy, so wouldn't it be better to piracy his shit, even sell it for your own profit.

GrandTheftZamboni3325d ago

Maybe there is a remote chance for him to get laid now.

OneSneakyMofo3325d ago

Man, can this guy be any more of a douchebag?

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RAZORLAND3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )


It only equates to money if you can put out highly viewed videos on a consistant basis. Nobody is trying to hear this kid rap again, son.

danmachine3325d ago

he doesn't get money at all.

he isn't a you tube paartner which means he gets no money. i know this because he only has 3 videos

you don't get partner status from 3 videos.

HSx93325d ago

you don't gt partnership but when a video gets enough views youtube will send you an automated message asking you if u want to make revenue for that specific video, I know this becase I have had this done 2 times already with 2 videos that got 10,000+ views.

Cajun Chicken3327d ago

Only so they can comment what a c**t he is.

Oldsnake0073325d ago

yeah he must be really stupid that's why he was able to crack the ps3 .. lololololollol

I bet he is way smarter than most of the people on n4g .

rezzah3325d ago

He cracked it when info leaked, look how smart that makes him =)

palaeomerus3325d ago

" I bet he is way smarter than most of the people on n4g ."

No shit. I have #@#$ing snails living in my garden that are probably smarter than most of the people on N4G.

zag3325d ago

Apparently his Iphone hacks are utter shit they fuck the phone after a while.

There's posts on his, well old blog saying his hacks were shit.

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Warprincess1163327d ago

I saw it but i instantly regretted it. I wanted those few mins of my life back.

Kon3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I know a way: Don't waste time commenting on N4G.

@Below, yeah i'm wasting time. But i don't have nothing better to do, so..

ActionBastard3327d ago

He's pretty gangsta recording from his parent's house.

trounbyfire3327d ago

people like to laugh at re re's