Metal Gear Solid 4: Hands on with Games-Radar

Games Radar: First things first - the game looks great, from Snake's scowl to the animation on soldiers' limbs. Two years ago MGS4 was an absolute jaw-dropper and it's somehow maintained that quality over time. There are some odd sections which look a little ropey, but by MGS4's release (which Sony and Konami still insist will be 'early 2008') it will have undergone the extensive polishing that marked its predecessors as some of the PS2's finest graphical achievements.

This was our first taste of combat, and it was shockingly quick - hold L1 to cock your weapon and R1 to fire. The enemy collapsed like a bag of potatoes after about two or three shots, but before we could celebrate our awesomeness the remaining troops began running towards their comrade.

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krackchap4132d ago

the editor was like ,remove the codec scenes and story themes from the game,what an idiot.
the guy need to shut up and go play serious sam

risk4132d ago

exactly my thoughts. that is the reason mgs4 is so good.

SL1M DADDY4132d ago

Is it just me or does it seem as though Gameradar is a group of silly idiots that would rather a game be a boring shooter and not some awesome story filled experience? Every time I see a link to that site I cringe.

PS360WII4132d ago

Sounds like it's shaping up to be a real winner. I think he didn't want the codec stuff to happen during a demo that's all

DeadIIIRed4132d ago

They only give you a certain amount of time, or you complete the demo so I can see why one of the codec scenes would be frustrating.

Cornstalker4132d ago

These folks have no metal gear knowledge at all. This just isn't shoot em up bang bang.

LeShin4132d ago

Omg, I agree with pratically all of you intelligent posters here! "Get rid of the codec" "Shorten the Cut scenes" "Be able to just run 'n' gun without having to use stealth"


Seriously, if you don't want all that stuff, go and play one of the billion fps's which are out there or which are coming out! This is what MGS....well MGS!!! It's not the typical western "shoot first and don't even ask questions" game. It was never meant to be like that. I hope Kojima does not fold to fools like these complaints and just make it a typical shooter as that would be a GREAT shame. This is the exact game I need to act as a stop gap from all those fps's I've been playing.

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