Killzone 3 Essentials

Thanks to the generosity (and astute marketing skills) of Guerrilla Games, many of us have enjoyed a tantalising taste of both the online and offline modes from the latest iteration of the Killzone franchise.

Although brief, both the campaign demo and open beta have provided gamers with a lot to talk about.

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hennessey863715d ago

thing is that it gets its arse in my console right effin now

KingDustero3714d ago

KZ3 is pretty much all I could ask for out of an FPS. Gameplay wise it is pretty much perfect. I wish the campaign (mostly cut-scenes) were a little more polished, (if the videos I've seen are of the final build) but that doesn't matter really much.

I'll really glad that I can adjust my turning speed while aiming done sights separate from the from the hip turning speed. I like having my hip turning speed somewhat high, but it is annoying having my sights fly across the screen from a small tap.

It is something small, but I'm glad GG has done this. Most games don't have this option, but is quite annoying.

RevXM3714d ago

ADS Sensitivty!
Wait are you serious?

showtimefolks3714d ago

here is hoping it is a huge success sony is pushing it hard. its a great game everything has improved GG have really listened to their fans this time around.

how long is the story KZ2 was about 10hrs is this about the same i can expect from KZ3 i have ready 4hrs but they say the same thing about COD's story even though bad stories in COD they always take me more like 8-10 than 4

online is where its at warzone is a great mode try it buy this game and buy less of generic FPS oh who am i kidding don't buy MW3 later this year instaed buy the halo HD remake or resistance 3 or rage or brink or etc,,,,

anything but MW3