GamesRadar's Exclusive Interview with Bungie

At last nights 'glitzy' Halo 3 launch party, which was held at London's IMAX cinema, Games Radar cornered the real stars at the event - two of the guys from Bungie that worked on the game. After completing their demo of Halo 3 to the gathered audience of VIPs, press and competition winners, Games Radar spoke to Bungie producer Joseph Tung and cinematics designer Lee Wilson about Halo fans, corpse humping and the future of Master Chief. A must read if ever there was one...

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Vip3r4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

"GR: Can you just say "Watch this space" so we've got a good headline...

LW: Watch this space [laughs]."

What a waste of time.

EDIT: When I posted this comment the title was "Halo 4? Bungie says: "Watch this space".