Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Achievements Revealed By x360a

Konami have just released the new Pro Evo achievements and it is a totally new look to its previous version.

There are 28 achievements totaling 1000 points.

x360a's favourite achievement? It has to be...

Ultimate Player - 100 Gamer Points
Achieved when you have played 500 matches, scored 1000 goals and have won all leagues and cups.

I'm sure all Pro Evo fans will be happy with this list.

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DarkJedi4137d ago

Pretty good list of achievements tbh, should provide some longevity for the gamerscore hunters (like me)

TruthBTold4137d ago

bring this out with FIFA so people can compare. I was just thinking that considering that the PC demo is out. I am pretty sure they will have the demo available this thursday. That would also help me decide. I have never played PES but considering I have heard from many true footbal fans that its the true game to buy.