Microsoft Remind Japan What 360 Games Look Like

Kotaku: Poor Microsoft Japan. They can't catch a break! All these big games and nobody in Japan cares. Not even for Halo 3. Not even for Blue Dragon. In a desperate, last-ditch attempt at shifting their units, their TGS booth was dominated by this: a wall featuring the disc and cover art of every 360 game on the market. Didn't look like it got the job done, since I was the only person I saw actually paying attention to it, but hey, at least it looked nice. Click through for a closer shot.

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Delive4135d ago

The US going overseas and trying Win a battle somewhere they cannot, atleast not in the way they are trying. Time to pull the troops out and bring them home. The Halo 3 map indicating where people are online playing lights up to show activity. US is bright except in the Mountains and Montana area, Europe is lit nicely, but nothing compared to the US. I don't think I saw any lights in Japan at all. Hawaii had more lights than Japan.

foredeath4135d ago

Where do find the map you are talking about?

iNcRiMiNaTi4135d ago

not an actual game map where u shoot people, its something that shows up when ur setting up matchmaking and searching for other players to play against

HeartlesskizZ4135d ago

They need better people running things over at Japan.

InMyOpinion4135d ago

Japan needs better citizens :p

Taker_1294135d ago

just because they don't want defective American products, maybe if MS would use a little more QA on their products people outside of America would buy them.

razer4135d ago

The 360 was already doing miserable in Japan even before the press and rumors of the RROD started to spread. The launch there was dismal.

SL1M DADDY4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

But to be honest, most Japanese look at something like that and could care less. What do you expect when there is a wall full of FPS's and only a few games that may barely even interest that region? MS has not been able to influence that region enough and IMHO sould not even bother. It's more of a loss than anything at this point. Without Japan on board, MS will never be number one but who cares.

cloud3604135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Just leave japan.... there will be a new xbox in 2 years

First gen games ps3 hld 20 Gb while a 360 disk hold 10gb and if u want a long game u need 4 disk, so rpgs dont mix with 360

@ceedubya changing disk is ps1 gen and 360 fans make it look as if its not a problem. it isnt but microsft have to pay now for starting 1 1/2 yrs to soon

ceedubya94135d ago

does not make a game better. RPGs mix fine with the 360. Changing discs hasn't been a problem before and it isn't a problem now.

razer4135d ago

is so stupid I don't even know why I'm responding..

Oblivion was fine on 1 disc, huge gameplay and the same will be with Mass Effect. Blue Dragon and the other games use huge amounts of CGI and haven't gotten with the times of using the game engine to do your cut-scenes. DVD size the reason why 360 isn't succeeding in Japan, hell no.

HeartlesskizZ4135d ago

haha conquer Iraq, funny one. Even sony is bigger the MS here at EU and thats why MS is also Aiming here at EU

Delive4135d ago

MS should realize it's bread and butter is here in the US and focus on us. Eu is coming along, but Stop trying to win over the Japanese. There Are no Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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The story is too old to be commented.