Watch A High School Class Receive An Audience With The Most Powerful Man In PC Gaming

Tippecanoe Valley High School's sports & entertainment marketing class just started a new program where they chat via webcam with important business folks. To kick things off, these kids got to spend over forty minutes with Valve boss Gabe Newell.

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Unannounced Valve 6v6 Shooter MOBA Footage Leaked

ESTNN writes: "A leak for Valve's 6v6 3rd-person shooter MOBA has supposedly been released ahead of time. And if the reports are true, fans of the genre have much to be excited for."

XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

Deadlock looks like bioshock and Moba had babies

JunonZanon3d ago

Valve really cannot count to 3.

Number1TailzFan3d ago

They should've had a new L4D like 10 years ago, it can be expanded upon a lot more but they just left it collecting dust.. it was a good game for its time but L4D2 doesn't have nearly enough content these days to keep players engaged, and it needs a serious graphics upgrade

mastershredder3d ago

Nice bend at the knee there Gabe. Seriously? A quirky character arena shooter? This late into the me-too-shooter market? I thought you guys were so much better than that crap. Gabe must need a bigger yacht.

kitano19473d ago

clown comment, valve are famous for letting their devs work on whatever they want as they have no share holders to please. hence why we rarely get games from valve but when we do they generally are great.

icefrog, the original modder who created dota on warcraft 3 is working on this with some other members at valve.


Team Fortress: Source 2 and Portal 64 Fan Projects Shut Down by Valve Takedowns

Fan projects Team Fortress: Source 2 and Portal 64 have shut down after Valve intervened in their development.

-Foxtrot137d ago

First they open Steam up to more AI, now they are shutting down fan projects when at one time they used to support or even give the fans jobs.

Wonder what's going on with Valve at the minute.

rlow1137d ago

It’s called money plain and simple.

JEECE136d ago

I mean, that might explain the Team Fortress 2 thing, because Valve might bring that to Source 2 (though I'm not sure I'd bet on that), but I can't see how Portal 64 hurts them. If anything, it's more attention to the Portal and therefore Valve/Steam.

Giblet_Head136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

There's potential that Valve had already planned to bring Source 2 to TF2 officially after Counter Strike 2. It's been getting some renewed attention lately.

Inverno136d ago

You got Nintendo to thank for Portal64 being taken down. As for TF2, most likely it's due to the probability of Valve working on a source 2 port themselves. It's sucks but Nintendo are the biggest pricks in the business and not letting this drag out into a huge court drama is the best decision.


Valve Opens the Floodgates to Allow More AI Based Games on Steam

Valve has updated its stance on AI games on the Steam storefront, allowing creators to publish AI-created games.

Droppedez137d ago

AI is just another form of slavery for our computer brethren.

Barlos136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Hell no. I want games that have been made by creative minds who have a passion for their craft, not a bot with a penchant for plagiarism.

BrainSyphoned136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

So instead of paying for an engine and assets to create a game they are paying for an engine and assets to create a game.