New Dragon Quest XI battle screenshots

Square Enix has released a new set of Dragon Quest XI screenshots, this time showing close-ups of battle action… And very impressive they are too, with lovely 3D sprites and sharp textures.

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deathtok4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

The game is Dragon Quest IX (9) not Dragon Quest XI (11).

Darkiewonder4093d ago

Like really, Elementary material right here?

ANYWAYS, i'm waiting for DQ X When it hits console.

PS360WII4093d ago

Well if IX sells as well as everyone believes it will, and it most likely will seeing that Japan loves DQ and loves the DS (19 million and counting). It's most likely that X heck maybe even XI will be on the DS as well. ^^

Don't nock the handhelds for they rock!

Darkiewonder4093d ago

Nah, I know how it works. Console follows because with DQ on the DS it's easy money so they can fund their bigger project.

PS360WII4093d ago

hmm could be. I know a lot of developers are making Nintendo games to fund their other projects. I was just thinking DQ peeps might be thinking of the DS as the new home for DQ seeing they are bringing not only IX but they are remaking 4-6 for it as well.

Anyway we don't need to worry about DQ X till a while from now. Unlike Final Fantasy they take their time with Dragon Quest

REbirth4093d ago

i will never buy a this game is a huge dissapointing for me...loved playin it on my doubt this would be a killer in japan if it was released for ps3!

ItsDubC4093d ago

It wouldn't sell nearly as many copies on the PS3. Instead of buying two PS3 games, why not buy a DS so you don't have to be disappointed?