CVG Reviews Skate

Skate is a nightmare to review, but a joy to play. However gushing the description, you can't explain the feeling - the physical sensation of relief, exhilaration and pride - of nailing a perfect trick on your anguished 37th go. In Hawk games, you 'divine' complex moves into life via a rapid-fire test of memory and reactions, in Skate you caress your moves with direct analogue fluidity and grace. Put simply - it feels like skateboarding.

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Wozzer4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

I've got this pre-ordered from the US (avoid overpricing in the UK lol) and played the demo which is great, can't wait!

InMyOpinion4093d ago

It's truly amazing. It feels so much more rewarding when you land big tricks in Skate than in Tony Hawk.

PS360WII4093d ago

Played the demo on both systems and they both were awesome and played it a bunch. Bought the game yesterday for the Playstation along with Halo 3 but it goes without saying that I didn't get around to playing the full game yet ^.-

chester4093d ago

it will take some people a little while to get into it, and there's a pretty steep learning curve, but it is a fantastic game and will most likely make you never feel the need to go back to tony hawk again. just an awesome, awesome game.

timmyp534093d ago

goodbye Tony Hawk forever. Skate is the Shiz. The game looks darn pretty too. EA(peter moore did it =)

The Wood4092d ago

an ea game that doesnt suck. now just make us another ssx ea big.

InMyOpinion4092d ago

EA have many different development teams. Thankfully, these are'nt the dudes who made DefJam Vendetta...