Bioshock for Wii and PS3, says analyst

Bioshock could make its way to Wii, PS3, PS2 and handhelds, according to an analyst in a recent Take-Two report.

In a company update, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey banked on Take-Two extracting more from the success of the critically acclaimed Bioshock, as well as the continued anticipation of GTA IV. "We expect management could choose to raise capital now, leveraging a higher share price, investor enthusiasm over the GTA IV release, the franchise potential of Bioshock and their strong fiscal '08 guidance," said Hickey.

Don't put your life on hold though - if Bioshock should make it to other formats, Hickey doesn't expect it to happen before fiscal year 2009.

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gunnerforlife4040d ago

they better not do them at the same time eitherwise the wii version will hold the ps3 one back

beavis4play4040d ago

i thought microsoft owned the rights? and anyways, in 2009, will anyone want it?

CourtesyFlush4040d ago

begins in 2008. Even still, your point is well taken. By the time it (might) make it to other consoles, there will be a slew of other titles to choose from.

As much as I'd like it on PS3, I have doubts it would make it, especially to the Wii. It would likely be too compromised on that system.

THC CELL4040d ago

bioshock will be online on ps3 hehe

steviebomb4040d ago

That's an interesting notion. I think more games need to be online period. Really, almost everything has been done in single player. The next breed of games really needs to keep up with the times.

Squeezle4040d ago

I'm sick of analysts and their stupid predictions....... Though if true, it would make many people happy.

leon764040d ago

if true, it's a really great new for the PS3 and wii owners!!!! Oblivion was launched one year later on the PS3 and is still a sucess in PS3 games!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.