DS breaks 50 million sales milestone

Nintendo's pockets are getting fatter and fatter as its dual screen handheld breezes past the 50 millions global sales mark.

The relatively small island of Japan still leads the rush for the portable, snapping up 19.41 million consoles - more than five million more that the US, where 14.39 millions units have sold. 16.48 million units have sold in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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Antan4042d ago

Fantastic achievement!!! DS is now my biggest source of projects! We have written the audio content for almost 30 DS titles and rising!! Great job ninty.

ItsDubC4042d ago

Unbelievable how many DSs have been sold in Japan. Almost seems more of a cultural phenomenon than a handheld console. Congrats Nintendo =)

PS360WII4042d ago

Wow 50 million. That's insane with how long it's been out for. Helps that it has not only games but teaching tools, maps, diction, even museums are using them for tours.

Nearly 20 million in Japan alone... my word and it's still selling strong!

cooke154042d ago

I love DS :) Ninja Gaiden is going to own on it

PS360WII4042d ago

Yea Ninja Gaiden does look pretty sweet for it. It'll be fun with the control method. The walkthrough they did looked like it's working pretty good so far. I can wait to see the finished project ^^

PS360WII4042d ago

oh a disagree for everyone I see. Yea I guess you are right disagree'er. 50 million is cump change for the DS it'll only be happy once it gets 100+ million and becomes the fastest and best selling gaming machine ever. Cuz it's looking like it can reach that very easily.

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