Molyneux questions sensors

Speaking at the Leipzig GCDC, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has warned that motion-sensing controllers such as the Wii remote could leave gamers exhausted unless developers think creatively.

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Lostboy5373d ago

Didn't Molyneux sell Lionhead to Micro$oft?? (biased much?)
And who would look at themselves with a wiimote in the mirror? The mere idea of sitting with a controller resting on my middle-aged 'beer belly' makes me want to use a wiimote just for the exercise!!!

Captain Tuttle5373d ago

He does have a point, though. Not all of us gamers are 14.

Lostboy5373d ago

you think that anyone over 14 will get 'tired' using a wiimote??
yeah, I'm so tired I... can ...barely... reach my mcdonalds bag... hhhhmph

Captain Tuttle5373d ago

I'm not bashing the Wii. I'll probably buy one. It's just going to make for a much more physical experience, that's all. Boss fights are probably going to get pretty tiring, no matter what kind of shape you're in.

ChickeyCantor5373d ago

getting tired?
how you know that?
some games dont even need a swing just a lil move.

Captain Tuttle5373d ago

and I'm tired at the end of the day.

HiSpeedSoldier615373d ago

Maybe parents will stop complaining
how videogames are ruining the children of this generation and how videogames are THE DEVIL!!!! probably not,but hey,if you can at least bench press your own weight then it shouldint be a problem.

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