First Kingdom Hearts compilation scans from Famitsu

This week's Famitsu issue has a Kingdom Hearts special, and that means a lot of scans for us. In total there are five scans of KH: Birth by Sleep, three scans of KH: 358/2 Days and 1 scan of KH: Coded. The scans feature the first ever seen images of the three games.

New info:

· Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
- Developed by the KH Re:CoM (PS2) team at the Osaka branch of S-E.
- 3 scenarios, 3 main characters, play in any order.
- Battle system is a mix of KH CoM (deck of abilities/skills) and KH's normal controls.
- The random elements and the timing based gameplay is Nomura's evolution of what he used in CoM and IAWW.

· Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
- Developed by h.a.n.d., the guys that made Chocobo DS.
- Multiplayer gameplay is mission based, and your friends can play as any of the XIII Org members.
- Scenario is compared to Crisis Core, in that most people will know how it ends, but not how it will flow.

· Kingdom Hearts: Coded
- Developed by the Before Crisis FFVII team.
- Disney worlds will be available as individual downloads.
- The setting involves Sora's memories being accessed, possibly through a computer. It is compared to CoM's scenario in that sense.
- Graphics are 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds to allow both high spec and low spec phones to be support.
- Planned to be released internationally, hence the focus on compatibility.

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the_bebop4040d ago

The graphics from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep I can belive but the graphics from 358/2 Days and Coded, how have they pulled off the graphics on the DS and Mobile game.

sumfood4u4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Not a real fan of the whole card thingy, Too much effort an very bothersome! trying to fight an shuffle card that takes a way all the fun of true button smashing, an wait a while for good ones to return! I just want KH2 Final Remix!

the_bebop4039d ago

Same here, but chances are for those of us here in Australia we have squat chance of it comming here in Australia.

Darkiewonder4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

So I'm glad they stuck with it for the Psp.

But ewww Nomura. Stop making your guys so feminine.

soul4039d ago

I actually think the characters are looking pretty good.