Ubisoft Confirms Wii/DS Lineup for Q3 2007-2008

Ubisoft has today confirmed its new line-up of games coming between the third quarter of 2007 and 2008, including many 'casual' games for both Wii and Nintendo DS. Check out what is on offer at source.

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ItsDubC4039d ago

Ubisoft wasn't joking around when they said they'd cater to casual gamers. These are the kinds of titles that'll help fund their "hardcore" games in the future.

Radiomorph4039d ago

Yeah, I just wish the future was now.

cooke154039d ago

i thought they were publishing No More Heroes

ItsDubC4039d ago

Hmm... good point. They did just pick up the publishing rights to No More Heroes. But this Ubisoft lineup is for games released the beginning of 3rd quarter 2007 up until the end of the year and I think No More Heroes is coming out 1st quarter 2008.

cooke154039d ago

well the article mention 08.. oh well. Redsteel 2 is coming as well