Japan Buys Over 300,000 PSP Slims In Three Days

Enterbrain have announced that the PSP-2000 has sold 250,702 units in its first three days on the market. Impressive, but more so when you consider that counts only the standalone units: another 75,943 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core bundles were also shifted, giving a total of 326,645.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4040d ago



Sorry for caps but I wanted to show i'm shouting that.

nasim4040d ago

NOTE :- PSP sold just 17k units last week in JAPAN.

so thats a 2000 % increase.

PSP has registered 1000% increase in EU and is outgunning x360 (least selling console in EU) 12:1 there

GoLeafsGo4040d ago

That means there's 1834 FF7 PSPSlims still out there!

I, there's none left!
*runs out to try and find one*

Genki4040d ago

sales wise. I can't even imagine how much it would sell. This is just a new game with the moniker, but a remake of the classic itself would surely shatter some records.

It's amazing, if you skim through FFVII topics on some boards, there's some people that have never played the original but for some reason want and would buy a remake in a heartbeat.

That's legendary.

shysun4040d ago

Thats damn good.The PSP haters are avoiding this news like the plague!

GameOn4040d ago

But i might try and get a second hand psp now. I need to find out more about them.

crck4040d ago

There are some wonderful games on the system that no one knows about.

Kyur4ThePain4040d ago

But I also love the fact that I can now use it to watch all my DVR'd TV / DVDs when away from home (thanks to remote play).

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