Security fears cool London Halo 3 launch fever

While the launch of Halo 3 has been generally successful, Microsoft UK faced a number of problems before it finally released the game last night. To add insult to injury, Westminster council also expressed concerns about the crowds descending on the centre of London for midnight launches of the game, which caused all of the major retailers to cancel any special events at their flagship stores. As a result, gamers were forced to stores outside of the capital for the official launch--major chains Game and GameStation chose Manchester and Birmingham for their main launch events--or grab a copy before work, as a number of stores that were not able to hold midnight events opened at 7am instead.

While the retailers says its customers will have no trouble going into any of its stores and buying a copy of Halo 3 today, there appears to be little chance that they'll find the Legendary Edition of the game.

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Capt CHAOS4093d ago

Just let us gamers have fun, if you can't hack it, or worry about security then get some police on the beat.

After all, we pay enough tax already.

fjtorres4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

So basically the London authorities are telling the world that it is not safe to run around London at midnight with a few hundred pounds worth of cash or a video game because you might get mugged, even though it is safe to do the same in Washington DC, Detroit, NYC, and most major North American cities?
Not the best way to reassure potential tourists of the safety of your city...
I wonder if the event *hadn't* been for a Microsoft product would they have made the same claims? Sony didn't seem to get anybody mugged, even the dozen folks who turned up for the PS3 launch that got free TVs for showing up.
Not that it matters, but its certainly good to know where folks stand.
Note will be taken.