Guitar Hero III First Impressions by Eurogamer

Eurogamer: "Words cannot describe the joy that beset me upon discovering that Guitar Hero 3 has a Die Toten Hosen track in it. No, seriously. I have long harboured an ardent and obscure love for German-language music, a passion that has seen me go to great lengths in the past to obtain Singstar Deutsch Rock-Pop, and which often furrows the brows of nosy friends as they browse through the contents of my iPod. It also made me very nearly lose control when Die Toten Hosen themselves actually appeared on stage at Sony's press conference back in Leipzig, and I think I may have rather alarmed Tom. Anyway, whilst everyone else was either grumbling or shrugging at the news that Guitar Hero 3 will have a slightly international track list in Europe, I was jumping up and down with glee. Hier Kommt Alex AND In Flames' Take This Life? It's like they're making this game just for me."

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americanGTA4040d ago

you cant play the old GH ps2 games on ps3, that sucks.

TheDietzofLegends4039d ago

You're wrong there are controller converters that you can attach to the guitar input for a usb input for the PS3. Also the game runs fine on PS3 without compatibility issues, so so far I have found no "sucking."

YoMeViet4039d ago

I'm doing finger workouts just to play the expert lvls in this game.
My middle finger is killing me now, so beware GH3, I WILL beat you this time.