Forza 4 might give GT5 a serious run for its money

Forza 4 is on the way, although a concrete release date is still nowhere in sight; the last we were told we could expect it around autumn 2011.

The team behind the Forza series has been pretty busy, and a post over on MSN Autos sheds some light onto just how busy they’ve been. Gran Turismo 5 might be up for some serious competition insofar as hyper-realism is concerned.

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hoops4369d ago

Even it it were, you cannot say this on N4G.COM

GavinMannion4369d ago

I'm sure the site is entirely imapartial and won't stop this being approved simply because it says something bad about GT5...


guigsy4369d ago

Critically Forza 3 faired better than GT5, so shouldn't the title be "Forza 4 might give Forza 3 a serious run for its money"?

LOGICWINS4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

@guisy- Even though you speak the truth..a certain group will tell you that reviews suddenly stopped mattering. Yet these same people complain when IGN, Destructoid, and Gamespot score the games they like lower than a 9.

Classic N4G double standards.

I'd actually have respect for these people if they were consistent with their principles. If reviews "don't matter"...why keep clicking on review articles???

"I mean forza 3 got better scores than the 5 year 60 billion dollar gt5 did for cryn' out loud."

That type of logic doesn't apply here since 70% of the gaming media hates the PS3 s/

paintsville4369d ago

Forza 4 is going to blow gt5's doors off and it wasn't in development for 5 years either. I mean forza 3 got better scores than the 5 year 60 billion dollar gt5 did for cryn' out loud.

Shadow Flare4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

Need for speed hot pursuit got better scores then GT5 as well. What does it matter. GT5 is the most realistic driving simulator and that is what no one contests

The fact that turn 10 deliberately widened real life tracks in forza 3 to make the game "easier to overtake" tells me all I need to know about what turn 10's aim with the forza series is. Forza is the dumbed down, friendly for all game whereas GT is, was and always will be the thorough bred quality simulator for driving enthusiasts

Lest we forget in forza 3 you can only do half of what you can in GT5, in pretty much every feature. I'll have the game that has the realistic driving physics, includes every single type of major form of motor racing, in weather, day/dusk/dawn/night, with proper damage that effects car performance, all the while racing with 16 other people.....forza is the one that desperately needs to catch up. In about double the features.

Yi-Long4369d ago

1: A focus by the developers on a whole lot more NEW and ORIGINAL tracks to race on.

I don't really give a shit about having a thousand cars in a game, if we'll still be racing on the same old tracks!

2: Please stop with the DLC-milking.

starchild4369d ago

@Shadow Flare

Whoops! Your fanboy is showing.

MaximusPrime4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

Actually Starchild, ShadowFlareX is spot on. I played both and you should play both too not just forza 3

kancerkid4369d ago

I don't think there is enough information to make any decisions yet.

but I got to say, F3 was a real step up from F2, so I can't wait to see what Forza 4 brings to the table.

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vsr4369d ago


How many DVD's? ( We did disc swapping on PS1/PS2 era)
1000 cars ?
Dynamic weather ?
16 cars online/offline ?
Still in 2 D ?

Please answer

The_Ultimate_Guy4369d ago

@ vsr

2 DVD's, 1 was an install, the other was the game. So really it's only 1 DVD after the initial install.

1000 cars...HAHAHA of tose 1000 cars, only about 230 were on the same level as Forza 3's with inerior views. Don't even get me started with the other 80% if cars that looked like piss poor PS2 ports.

Dynamic Weather....was NOT all all tracks in GT5 and although a nice addition, is not mandatory for a great racing sim. Weather being absent in all other GT games didn't seem to matter to the masses.

16 cars online....LOL ya LAG fest with cars warping all over the track. Don't even try with that.

3D gaming is played by 1% of the entire gaming demographics. Your argument is reaching at best.

Kleptic4369d ago

^^ok ok we get it...GT5 'wasn't' what we thought it would be...

but saying 'only 230 cars where on the same level as Forza 3' is simply as ignorant as you can possibly get...

NO racing game to date has as realistically detailed cars as the premium models in matter what review you read, what blog shouts about GT5 being below the mark...they ALL state that when GT5 is up and running 'at its best' real time rendering anywhere else comes close...

there is a reason that after 60+ million dollars of development budget and 5 years of development time...that there are still relatively few full blown premium cars in the game...

I'll give you that the standard cars look like utter shit...and that before 1.05 some shadows looked retarded (they did fix that)...but saying premium cars in GT5 do anything but stand entirely on their own in any sense of real time simply false...forza 3's cars fall safely in the middle...WELL ahead of standard cars in GT 5, visually...and WELL under premium...

evilunklebud4369d ago

I should be better than GT5, not giving it a run for it's money. And it probably will be.

FinalSpartan4369d ago ShowReplies(5)
MNicholas4369d ago

In terms of review scores, more than likely, due to the fact that, like with all of Microsoft's top franchises, according to Microsoft's own financial reports (public companies are required to file these by law) they handed out over $2 Billion dollars to gaming sites and the like.

In terms of quality as a sim, it depends on Turn10's priorities. The 360's CPU is clearly limiting them to 8 cars so the small number of cars alone takes away an important aspect of racing ... opponents. Tests also showed that Forza 3's physics model is atrocious and allows very high cornering speeds that simply would not be possible in real-life even if you account for the fact that people naturally drive a bit faster in games to the lack of real danger.

Then they also have to start making the tracks realistic. They openly admitted to altering tracks in order to make it "more accessible." That's the wrong approach if you're trying to make a sim.

insomnium24369d ago

No point telling them facts. It's all about MC average once again just like it was years ago.

Don't people ever get tired of this ssdd (same s*it different day)?

The stupidity of the x360 fanboys and the media alike has been proven as fact in these recent years so many times it's not even funny anymore.

Now your actually going BACK to the original claim of "it's all about teh MC"? Give me a brake. That s*it is not funny anymore. It's not even sad. It's just stupid. and so very OLD. Haven't we seen this before?

baodeus4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

Then perhaps, the problem is the score that was tag on to a game. Apparently, people on n4g play game based on the given rating but not for what it is (both side, not just ps3 fanatic).

gt5 suck because forza has better score
Ps3 has higher rated games on metacritic than xbox.

A score will not define how good the game is for you, only u can make that decision, not reviewers. Play it first, and if you are skeptical, rent it.

Both GT and Forza have their own positive and negative. They are both fun at the end and that is all that matter.

I actually enjoy hidden gem much more than any AAA status game.

Vherostar4369d ago

Why wont it touch GT5?? Its on 360 only.. Its true I mean its wither that or the quality of the game which I seriously doubt as its a high quality game. GT5 outsold Forza 3's lifetime sales within a week thats the power of GT on a console where gamers care more about FPS games Alan Wake is another perfect example of this. If its not FPS its not gonna outsell a ps3 counterpart.

frostypants4369d ago

Competition is a good thing. Bring it.

DeathMetal14744368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

I am not a big racer fan, but I will say that the way GT5 has been supported with updates is impressive, wish more devs supported their games like GT5.

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WobblyOnion4369d ago

I don't care one way or the other for sim racers. What I did like about Gt5 was the karting! If forza 4 has a better karting implementation, Turn 10 will see my money. If not, they won.t

M4ndat0ry_1nstall4369d ago

F3 gave GT5 a "serious run for its money" based on review scores already. F4? Will probably take GT5 out of the race completely.

Pyscho_Mantis4369d ago

you guys are not gamers but pure fanboys. If you rely on solely review scores instead of the actual gameplay features in a game then you will know that you are a fanboy. A clear example look above and below.

jizzyjones4369d ago

The rate GT5 is gettin patched it will be new game by the time Forza4 is out, then theres DLC potentially aswell, but I would agree it will give it a run for its money, at least another kick up the A** the series probably needs.

dragonelite4369d ago

too little too late.
Only way is to perform on release or the metacritic kids can't use it.

OSU_Gamer4369d ago

Shouldn't a game "perform" on release?

Its sad that we expect and should accept a release patches for games 5 years in development.

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