Australia's 'Good Game' Reviews Halo 3 Gets 8.0 & 8.5

Australian television station ABC2's 'Good Game' duo reviews Halo 3. You may have heard all the hype, but now that the game has been released it's time for Bajo and Junglist to sort out fact from fiction in the phenomenon that is: Halo 3. The following is a written excerpt from the video review:

The AI displays very intelligent maneuvers sometimes, such as when you deploy a bubble shield and wait inside it with the gravity hammer, enemies will simply wait for the shield to go. But then it'll do something really stupid, like getting stuck on a ramp. No joke, a group of 5 flood zombies couldn't figure out how to get down a ramp to attack me. One time, a Hunter was on the other side of a rock and couldn't figure out how to get around the rock to attack me until I moved.

Something that didn't gel well for me were the graphics. Often poorly lit and grainy models stick out of cut scenes and it's a little distracting.

Gameplay scripted action actually looked better

I'm not one to make a big deal of petty technical effects, I'd much prefer smart game design over HDR effects. But the lack of anti-aliasing is very noticeable in this game.

There are beautiful HD effects in water, force fields, power swords, and light reflecting off of armor looks good. But every curved rock or straight pole or chain-link fence looks ugly. However the HDR when you step from a dark place out to brightly lit sun is fantastic.

There was frameskipping and slow down when we were getting our tanks on but it only happened once in the whole campaign. Level design is visually interesting and they've set up a few really good areas really well where its hard to penetrate their defenses , but what we're very excited about is FORGE."

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Maddens Raiders4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

more crying and bellyaching from little round Peggy folks.

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I'm not here to make friends. I'm here for gaming news - not the deliberate malicious spins from a few Sony lemmings to make PS3 better than they really are and 360/Wii look bad when all is rosy.
Reported by: The Round Peg

Bad Editing: (1 hour ago) - Fix Problem
You know, I have just finished watching the 7-minute video and given you an approval. But now that you deliberate are spinning a bad description and just picking out ONLY the negatives, I withdraw my approval ... and give you a not good rating.
Change it back to your earlier descriptions, and I'll give you the approval and withdraw the "Not Good" rating.

Reported by: The Round Peg
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Get some Midol and go sip some Green Tea littl girl you are really something else. Do you really think I give a *damn what you think? Do yout think I'm going to take orderes from you new comer - lol get real! Report me all day long...I haven't done anything but report News that hurts your rear end, that's why your PMS'ing little woman.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4042d ago

You know, the usual: Power of Red, TheFart, The Round F4g, bladeshart, Blackjack-off VII, Ignorant Fanboy (suits him well), Bloodfart, Double-Standard (a.k.a. Double-Edged), Captain Tootsie, Cyber-sex-Sentinel, and so on. will come report this as spam

power of Green 4042d ago

Grow up kid.

Its always the same rabids crazzy kids trying to make people think the game is bad or average. You people won't stop looking for bottom feeding attention hungy reviwers no ones heard of and probably souldn't be reviewing games.

God knows most of these reviewers you fanaitcs are finding that no one's ever heard of probably has a unrealistic view or understandings of what Next-gen is and what it isn't or whats possible. Why does Halo have 100 extra reviewers when other games do not.

You people are moronic trying to find weaknesses when 95% of the real reviewers have scored it a AAA Halo has a huge base and its pushing console not a fucin thing you idiots can do about it.

The Game has unmatched replay value and is fun as hell it turns casuals gamers or non gamers into hardcore gamers( Housewifes and middle aged wemen were picking up Halo for themselfs today etc etc no need to mention the other demographics and motives). The FUN simple games that remind people of Arcades back in the day a games that eveybody can pick up will always sell like a AAA regardless(LOst Planet, Gears Of War, Halo 3) These games are simple pick up and play with advanced next-gen builds this is why they're so valued amoung non-gamers, casual gamers turned hardcore or harcore gamers alike.

Play B3yond... Welcom3 chang3... Jump In...

Rockstar4042d ago

It's called spell check, use it!

Hint: When that little red line shows up under a word you've typed chances are good you've spelled it wrong.

Just a heads up.

Spaceman Spiff4042d ago

This game is great. It's not photo realistic and it's not trying to be. I think it took a more comic book approach (you can really see that when the MC is driving the Brute Chopper). The game is not unattractive at all, it looks about as good as BioShock(and way better that Resistance, AKA the most boring game I've ever played).
Anyone that hasn't played the game themselves shouldn't even have opinions on the game. Go play it, watch what you did in the theatre mode, and tell me that it doesn't look good.
There's no way to make the coop mode fullscreen, they're maintaining aspect ratios and not stretching out the display.
The AI is pretty good, do you expect them to finish the missions for you? what would be the point in playing? there are a lot of obstacles, I don't care if someone gets stuck somewhere, it's a small detail.
This game is hyped up, so was halo 2. Nothing could live up to the hype, it's still an incredible game though. More people will play it than any other console game, and probably for longer than any other console game.... so if you don't like it then you're in the minority just like the retarded critics that no one has heard of.

lonestarmt4042d ago

"There's no way to make the coop mode fullscreen, they're maintaining aspect ratios and not stretching out the display."

haha, really? wrong. guess what warhawk can do it with four people playing haha. Don't make excuses, halo messed up with that. Thats why halo should get 8 8.5's not 9 or 10's because people love halo so much they overlook the flaws, but i guess thats ok everyone does it with something they love...

bootsielon4042d ago

LOL, you just stole my line! I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

Spaceman Spiff4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

so did halo 1 and 2 dumbass. I'm sure it's something hardware related. Everyone knows PS3 has superior hardware. Bungie didn't just decide to not show the sides because it would be cooler. Quit complaining about what you don't understand. I know they used it to maintain aspect ratios, I don't know why they couldn't do it without the bars. If anyone knows how to redesign the game, I'd love to hear it.

also every game has flaws, 10/10 for me means that it's the game i want it to be and I can enjoy it without complaining about anything. 8.5 means things are done well but they still screwed up on some things. I don't thing Bungie messed up on anything.

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nix4042d ago

it's ok.. nothing is perfect in the world. time to swallow some truths... be a sport guys!

jackie chann4042d ago

No-one is going to care unless it's one of the major reviewers. We've seen what they gave the game, the only other thing that matters is what the gamers think.

Standing at 1.8 million sold or whatever, I'd say they're very happy.

the_bebop4042d ago

It might convince some people in Australia, which buy the way people here in Australia do watch this show.

Maddens Raiders4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I presume you mean the paid usual suspects including the American press which wouldn't dare put out an honest review to save their lives. Bottom line: whenever BIG MONEY is involved in swaying public attention one way or the other such as in politics and garnering votes to gain a seat in ofice, then the approach has been corrupted and greed tainted. I think most honest people would have to agree that these guys are not part of that lot and don't bash Halo 3, rather they point out what is good and what is bad and rate appropriately. The rabids will have nothing less than what is in their minds, but then again - this is the last hoorah for the 360 and I understand wanting to go out on a good note.

They did not say that Halo 3 is a bad game even once and simply pointed out that the game does not deserve the 10's and all 9's nonsense that's been oozing out of the big money reviewing press. It's all a shell game, but these guys are at the very least trying to bring honesty into the equation.

Jung and Bajo are not part of that lot and could care less about getting some Microsoft SLUSH FUND money to say a few nice things about the game. In fact these guys were very on point -- said a lot of good things about Halo 3, but didn't get caught up in the, "ZOMG it's the best thing ever & lived up to all of my Dreams" hype that so many other rags seemed to succumb to in the end. People saying that these guys are small time and biased are wrong.

The Aussies don't get caught up in hype and flair like other people do. They see for themselves what the offering or situation is and then make solid observations thereafter.

I must give my Aussie mate (((MRMCGOO123))) Big Ups for this article. Thanks man and stay true.

MRMagoo1234041d ago

thanks for the ups madden like i said before its the lil guys we should listen to cos they dont have to worry bout getting bad press but here in oz i know alot of ppl who respect these guys as reviewers and i do to there not afraid to tell you what they think ide go to these guys first rather than 1up and the rest of them anyway thanks again madden

Takumi864042d ago

this game deserve a 8 not a 9.5 from gamespot

the graphics is from last GEN only fanboy will disagree,
i don't think this game is even finish like LAIR?
when playing coop mode is not fullscreen that is f king last gen

why i bought this game gameplay,story

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