TGS07: Kobayashi Gives Lowdown On DMC4, 360, More

During the Tokyo Game Show, Gameinformer sat down with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the producer of the Devil May Cry series. During our interview, we talked a little about the game's story, its characters and why Microsoft is a "no-go" in Japan.

GI: You've said in the past that there's a prescribed place in the game where you'll be able to play as Dante. Will you be able to, if you beat the game, play through it again as him, even though it would kind of mess up the story?

Kobayashi: To answer your question, no, because the story dictates when you'll pass to Dante. You can't go back and play as Dante from the beginning.

GI: Has adding the 360 version added any extra development time and pushed back the release date?

Kobayashi: Yes, it did add a little bit of time. We didn't even start development on the 360 version until after the announcement was made-it was like, "Oh, we're going to make it for the 360. We'd better get started." It wasn't that we were almost done with the 360 version and we made the announcement, it was the other way around. We made the announcement and then we started development.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4573d ago

Devil May Cry = Dante.

Same as MGS = Snake (Not pansy ass Raiden)

Can you imagine playing Halo without Master Chief?

They gonna screw up this time.

sonarus4573d ago

i remember when i said 360 version pushed back the release date and i got so many disagrees. remember when i said it was lead developed on ps3 and people disagreed. Here you have the game developer telling it as it is right here

TheMART4573d ago

Well what about the fact that the 360 version is on par with the PS3 version with such a short development time.

When we see it the other way around, PS3 and 360 version same development time, the PS3 version has problems of keeping up with the 360 version and PS3 version shows jaggies and other problems?

Seems the 360 is a powerfull console and easy to program to be able to get the same result in less time, right!

-CaT-4573d ago

After releasing three other games on the 360 I would hope damn well that they have a grip on the 360 hardware... This is Capcom's first PS3 game, and a good one at that...

Finally, I will end ALL replys to you with a "Grow the F*** up!"

power of Green 4573d ago

You people were saying the 360's hardware was holding this game back and its hardware was keeping it from being as next-gen as it could have. All this is after praising it saying it couldn't be done on anything other that the CELL before the announcment.

You didn't get dissagree's when saying PS3 was the lead platform. For months and months people knew this was a PS3 exclusive and fanboys bragged how this game could only be done on the Cell and it took the gaming world by storm when they announced it for 360 many months after only then did you turn on it.

I find it hard to believe anybody would think this wasn't a PS3 title, why would somebody dissagree with you when it was known this was a PS3 title and later on Capcom had a change of heart?.

God Dam Sony fanboys are the filth of the gaming world.

mrlakadaddy4573d ago

im new to this whole blog thing....but when people attack eachother as internet gangstas its terrible. all these games coming out for all systems yet you people have to form little cliches and hate on eachother for just drivel? calling a certain group of people filth because they dont agree with you? what happened to the days when everyone had different systems and we would go to eachothers houses to play eachothers games? hey, the xbox 360, ps3 and wii are just consoles they all have their good points as well as their flaws. they do not define who you are. now im not singling any one out but i have been keeping an eye out on these posts. learn how to work with eachother instead of against eachother. this site can reach a level of greatness. im assuming that we are all adults and if not our parents taught us better. by the way i am a gamer since the days of pong. saw many system wars and i tell you what...these companies arent going anywhere...if any one company wins thats the end for good games for all of us. i hope all gamers realize that...any way good night and game on....flamers indeed....i fought real wars stop with the petty nonsense ppl plz

ukilnme4573d ago

I agree that all of this flaming is nonsense but you are wasting your time asking for it to end. The fanboys on this site live to praise their console of choice while trying to find dirt on the others. Every blue moon you may find some interesting news here but the majority of it is just flame bait.

Do yourself a favor and just look at most of it as a source of entertainment. I get quite a few laughs watching all the fanboys go back and forth. It makes the workday go by fast.

SuperSaiyan44573d ago

I totally agree, as soon as a PS3 only title goes multi they all start becoming 2 faced and go the other way.

The fact is the Xbox 360 is the definitive of console gaming.

Bathyj4573d ago

Yeah, like you Bots turned your backs on Haze and UT3 the second they becames timed exclusives.

BloodySinner4572d ago

No one talked about Haze to begin. Why? Because it's unproven. Just like no one talked about the first Halo. And UTIII is a timed exclusive. Xbox 360 version hits Q1 2008. Relax, dork.

tomfoolery4572d ago

Great comment,bubbles for you,
This site is for entertainment and smack talkling(but also a great resource for news n info).
That's one of the reasons I keep coming back.
Watching Sonyboys cry is very pleasurable stuff.


Fighter4573d ago

Good to hear the PS3 was the lead platform because another washed-down port will make me more frustrated.

I was looking forward to this anyways because it's a great series.

WIIIS14573d ago

I'm glad you said that. We'll now see which will be the better version and Sony fans will have no excuses left.

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