Halo 3 Experiencing Online Issues Reports

Shack-News: Reports flooding in from around the internet, including our very own chatty thread, indicate that problems with Halo 3 are preventing at least some, if not most, from playing the recently released title online.

According to numerous Shackers, players are informed that they must first update the game before they can play online. However, choosing to update presents an error message, thus preventing them from signing into Xbox Live. Others report an inability to upload and access screenshots via Bungie's servers.

Further evidence of a widespread problem comes from Bungie's very own stat tracking, which, as of this writing, shows a paltry 420 players online.

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Venom_Blood4040d ago

yes I had problems too, with my friend over at his house it took us 7 minutes to go live and servers are packed like crazy

kingofps34040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

What happened to your "premier online service" bullcrap? Scratched discs, low res co-op slip screen, "finish the fight" misleading adverts. Enjoy!

I be PLAYING B3YOND, you guys PAY B3YOND (hope u got some warrenty on this thing too).

XbOots < nOobs (Wiiers)

KoolMan4040d ago

you are not the only one having problems but it will be soon fixed. hopefully

dachiefsman4040d ago

Do you get paid by Sony?
What is your agenda?

Oh I understand, you see one article posted and instant chub formed in your pants cause it was negative about the xbox 360 or halo 3. The real problem for you is that you ran out of games to play and now your bored so your little brain says, "time make fun xbox 360/Halo master chief suck blah"

PS. Before you bash me for being an xbot <whatever the f that is>, I have a ps2 and I am not buying a ps3 until the price comes down or some actually worth my times comes out for it. The wii is just not my style.

synetic4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

agree kingofps3 its fu*** stupid .. when i try to update it dont update ( dont show any message error ) i have more 4 friends that cant play to .... this sucks i paying 60 euros a year ... ( atm i playing halo 2 O_O )

come on ms get that working i missing school today for halo 3

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s8anicslayer4040d ago

bugs like this should be expected,but ms and bungie will have a patch very soon

HeartlesskizZ4040d ago

Im going to call my friend see if she has problems too or is it just NA.

HeartlesskizZ4040d ago

Halo is going WarHawk with the over packed servers. not a surprise

M4I0N34040d ago

not a surprise, indeed

Duke Nukem4040d ago

This is a sing every single Halo fan is online and have finish the fight


Warhawk is free to play but you guys pay to play online,33% disc scratches for the special Halo 3 bundle same as 35% to 40% of the 360s world wide failure rates,thats microsoft for you,luring your sad souls for cash...

pwnsause4040d ago

its obvious that its slow, everyone is playing the game like crazy right now. about 164,000+ people are playing Halo 3 online right now

pwnsause4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

things will slow down though in the future to 60,000 just like halo 2, its like this because its launch day. typical for every game that was recently launched and has multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.