Mimoco Announces Master Chief USB Flash Drives

Mimoco announced today a new line of mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives featuring Master Chief. Licensed by Microsoft and Bungie Studios, the Halo mimobot Series 1 will be available in three limited-edition colorways – Master Chief Green (edition of 5,000), Red Spartan and Blue Spartan (3,000 each).

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GameOn4137d ago

Lol these are nifty litle things. Imight get one if the price isnt stupid.
Lol they gave the chief a right egg head.

IRONMAN_X574137d ago

they stay forcing it dawg, wtf is up

Ignorant Fanboy4137d ago

You must be really weak minded.

Owner360-PS34137d ago

This is getting crazy, they will have halo 3 dildos out before long, if not already .