Video Gaming is the New MTV

In this article entitled 'Video Gaming is the new MTV', Gameplayer explores the notion that video gaming is set to play as important a role in establishing new artists and bands as MTV did back in the 1980s.

"By the time the average punter had played SingStar ten times over they had thirty songs etched into their memory and that, from a cynical commercial point of view, is irresistible brand marketing. For millions of people, their first exposure to Mis-Teeq, or the Sugababes was not through the radio, or through MTV, but through a video game. Think about that for a second."

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MrTangent4044d ago

Trends are very time dependent and the amount of work it takes to get a video game out to market will effectively kill its chances at gaining critical mass to influence or spread a trend. What I mean to say is, why would I wait six months to a year to hear a new artist when I could listen to online radio shows that give instant access? Alternately, with P2P/Bit Torrent/FTP/IRC/Usenet/Youtube or directly getting an mp3 from the band themselves it is instantaneous.

Clearly, propagating music/trends via games is a monolithic, slow process whereas the web is nimble and evolves much quicker. If this were nature, the web would be the small mammal that inherits the earth, and the video game industry the lumbering dinosaur...

SlappingOysters4043d ago

Interesting point. Although most albums and song are also ready to go months before they are released and in many cases could be a late editions to a game. Realistically, Rockstar wouldn't need the final masters of tracks until a few weeks or so before the game went gold. So it could be quite current.

In addition, with this whole fusion technology thing and the ability to place dynamic ads into games on the fly, surely this can be done with music too.

I also think there are many bands getting a revival from old songs going big in games, but this is an aside to your point.