Halo 3 is a waste of space... on HD TV's

Gamers with HDTVs are complaining at the Official Bungie forums regarding a wasted space issue. Halo 3 co-op HDTV players are finding that there is a lot of wasted space in the left and right hand margins of 16:9 screens with Halo 3 leaving black margin on both the right and Left Hand sides of the screen. The following image shows a 46" display essentially showing a 36" view as a result of the wasted space.

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Jdash244040d ago

yea i noticed that while playing.........wasnt a big deal thou............only happened on split screen 4 me.......when i was the only one on my 360 it took up the whole screen

uxo224040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

If you take a 50 inch screen which is set up with a 16x9 aspect ratio. Because tv screen are usually measured diagonally, the screen will be somewhere around 44 inches across and approx 25 inches high.

With that being said, (in simple terms) if you took the 44 inch width and cut it into 16ths, each vertical chunk would be approx 2.7 inches wide. That means only 9 of these 2.7 inch chunks can fit in the height range. Now, split the screen down the center horizontally and you would get two screens that are 44 inches wide by 12.15 inches high.

If halo3 three was display at this ratio, every thing would appear squished together. (Or they would have to reduce what's visible on the screen altogether.) Therefore to maintain the aspect ratio of 16x9 you must also shorten the width of the screen since you split the screen in half horizontally already. Shortening the sides would return you to a ratio of 16x9 thus preventing distortion in split screen view.

So, had bungie not done this people would be complaining that in split screen mode their screen looks distorted.

The only other option would be to put your TV in stretch mode.

Edit: Sorry ElementX didn't see your explanation below before adding mine.

Vavoom4040d ago

You are absolutely correct, splitting the screen horizontally with shortening the width would distort the 16x9 aspect ratio.

Good job, Oh also props to you ElementX.

willymcd4040d ago

that would be retarded, and that is what you guys are asking for! I have played other games that do it like that and i can not stand the 32x9 split screen. bungie did right to keep the split screen at 16x9.

WafflesID4040d ago

And the SAME retarded people complained about Bioshock's 16x9 vs 4x3 issue I bet.

Stupid people. Of course, when you sell this many copies of a game you are BOUND to sell a few of those to some stupid people :)

I personally like the idea of maintaining the same 16x9 ratio on both halves.

deathtok4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Having this fill to the sides would not be 32:9. It's still a 16:9 TV and would technically just be 16:9, the player's viewing space would be 16:4½ and probably look strange.

sloth4urluv4040d ago

would look stupid if they stretched it out

The best solution would to go for a vertical split. That way you would be able to see more than just a sliver.

8x9 > 16x4.5 (Not refering to mathmatical value)

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jackdoe4040d ago

Probably gonna be patched like Bioshock. Just keep complaining and Microsoft will hear you.

tplarkin74040d ago

This article is just 1 incident. It could be his HDTV.

HDTVs are like snowflakes. No two are alike.

jackdoe4040d ago

It is confirmed. Only occurs in Co-Op though.

VendettaWFT4040d ago

Me and my buddy booted up the game on co-op and noticed the sides were chopped off (40" HDTV) to make it look like a standard square. We both agreed that this was major bullshit. How could they not pick something like that up? And this is just opinion here, I'm just ranting, anyone else like the Halo 2 online setup better than the Halo 3 online? It's like they took the greatest online in the world and tweaked it a bit for the worse.

tplarkin74040d ago

It fills the screen for me.

joydestroy4040d ago

did you try it on co-op though?

tplarkin74040d ago

You are right, the sides have black areas. It looks like it was designed this way. I doubt that's an error.

Has anyone tried regular co-op online with 1 player per 360?

Arkrite4036d ago

Larkin online 1 per console co op is full screen and ace

Itachi4040d ago

didn't that only occur in on last gen titles

when playing ps2 games on the ps3 black border lines come on

Mikey_Gee4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Do people still play in Split Screen ??

I guess I am lucky enough to not have to deal with sharing my 61" TV.

Good for me !! :-)

Just for SH!ts and Giggles I will check tomorrow on my Set

jackdoe4040d ago

Some people like the social nature of Halo 3, having friends over playing co-op and having a good time. I personally like it.

Mikey_Gee4040d ago

True True ...

However, I enjoy that for games like Guitar Hero or PARTY style games with some beers ... but I guess in some cases (ala HALO, COD Series, etc) I prefer to hog my TV for myself .


DeckUKold4040d ago

I live with 12 people so im gonna depend on offline better than online